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Mar 5, 2018 · 3rd time is the charm (I hope) in Kidney & Bladder

I hope this finds everyone doing well. My story begins in a land far far away called Germany which is where I was borne. I was a very sick child and spent most of my childhood in and out of the hospital and enduring exploratory surgeries to try to find out what was wrong with me. At age 13 another such surgery showed that I suffered from Reflux Nephropathy. I had lost 1 kidney at age 7 after 3.5 months in the hospital. I went 9 more yrs. with relatively good health and even did a stint in the US Air Force. At age 22 I began CAPD and in Jan. 1987 I had my first transplant. It lasted for 6 yrs.a d 3 months. Then back on dialysis and in 1994 I had the second transplant. In my mind this one was going to last me the rest of my life. I received this kidney from a 19 yr. old young man who was killed in a car accident. I had this one for 19 yrs. Now I've been on dialysis for almost 5 yrs. I tried to get listed through the VA in Iowa City which is where I got the second transplant. My wife had to set up a Go Fund Me account due to the fact that I'm a disable veteran on a very fixed income and she had to close her business because of having to care for me. But they said that after having Thyroid cancer last year they want me to be cancer free for at least another year. I am cancer free right now, but they won't budge. The Mayo Clinic was recommended so I thought it was worth a shot. We just got back from the week long work up and are very hopeful and have our fingers crossed. A person has to be independently wealthy or have a very generous family to pay the 20% that medicare doesn't pay and I have neither. Obviously there is much more to my story and eventually I will write it all down, but for now this is a good start. Are there any other multiple kidney transplant recipients out there?

Mar 5, 2018 · Wanted: Organ Transplant Recipients Who Have Been Hit By a Car in Transplants

It was 1 yr. after I had lost my 2nd kidney transplant when I was side swiped by another car back in 2014. The accident wasn't that bad and after giving the police our statements we all went our separate ways. I went home and told my wife about what had happened. After a shower I notice a thin abrasion over the area of the transplant. I told my wife that it was most likely from the seat belt. After a couple of hours a began to feel a very slight pain where the abrasion was and we decided that I should got to the ER. After a cat scan it was determined that my Gal Bladder had been badly damaged and had to be removed ASAP. After a 4 hour surgery and one week in the hospital I went home. I began to have some mild abdominal pain that got worse day after day. I told my wife that something wasn't right. After a week of this pain getting worse I ended up in the ER again. Another cat scan showed severe internal bleeding. Now the same surgeon that did the 1st surgery was doing this one. The 1st one was done Lapcriscopically, but not this time. This surgery was akin to a liver transplant as far as the incision goes. I was in the hospital for another 2 weeks. When having a transplant that goes anywhere in the abdomen you have to be vary mindful of seat belts whether you're the driver or passenger. There is no way to get around this other than not wearing a seat belt. I had a doctor give me a note stating that it was too dangerous for me to wear one. This was supposed to get me off the hook if I ever got pulled over, but I wouldn't recommend doing that. In the end the kidney wasn't damaged, but it didn't matter because I was back on dialysis anyway. I hope this helps, good luck……Andy