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Jul 13, 2018 · Adding Prozac to Buproprion? in Depression & Anxiety

@lisalucier I was on Effexor for several years but thought it was causing blurred vision so my doctor decided to try me on Wellbutrin. I wanted to see if I could get off of taking anti-depressants completely so gave that a try. After 4-5 months it was quite apparent I needed something so went with the Wellbutrin. After a couple weeks I noticed I felt refreshed when I got up in the morning, I wasn’t crying all the time, I wasn’t sweating, and my brain didn’t feel ‘fuzzy’.

But a couple weeks later I had a couple unfavorable stressful situations occur which I ended up ‘blowing up’ over and the crying came back. I went back to my doctor and she increased the Wellbutrin dose. We didn’t know why it seemed to stop helping me. I’ve been on the increased dose for about 10 days and I haven’t really noticed a difference yet even though my doctor thought I would after a week. Hopefully I just need more time bc so far I’m not experiencing any of the side effects that I had on Effexor or celexa which is nice. Since my doctor mentioned the possible addition of Prozac I wondered if anyone else had experienced the two together.

Thank you for your reply; it was helpful!

Jul 12, 2018 · Adding Prozac to Buproprion? in Depression & Anxiety

I started taking 150 mg bupropion a couple months ago. After a couple weeks I noticed an improvement and was pleased with it. Then after about a month-6 weeks it seemed to stop working (don’t really understand why) so my doctor increased to 300 mg/day. It’s been 10 days since I started the increase and haven’t noticed any change (doctor thought I’d notice an improvement after a week). She mentioned the possibility of adding another anti-depressant such as low dose Prozac. I’m wondering if anyone is taking Bupropion and Prozac (or another med) and is it helping?

Jul 3, 2018 · Recently started Bupropion (Wellbutrin) in Depression & Anxiety

3 months ago I started taking Bupropion XL 150mg. It seemed to help me in several ways and I was happy with it. No “fuzzy” brain feeling, I woke up in the morning feeling refreshed, eliminated no reason crying spells, etc. I thought I could use a little stronger strength but I didn’t want to increase unless I really needed to. Since I made progress with the 150mg I decided to stay there! Then about 10 days ago a family situation occurred which sent me in a tail spin! Finally, settled done from that then I had a big issue with my mentally-challenged brother who lives with me (I am his caregiver). Since then I feel like the Bupropion is not working as it was. Crying a lot for no reason, waking up in the morning feeling terrible, no motivation. Is it normal for this to happen where I felt better than have a set back? I am now going to increase to 300mg to see if that helps. I don’t like to have to increase my anti-depressant dose but hopefully this will be the right dose for me! Again I’m just curious if anyone else went through something like this?

Jul 3, 2018 · The Benefit of Cocoa in Anxiety Treatment in Depression & Anxiety

This is very interesting to me! Can you tell us what brand of cocoa you use and do you just mix it in milk?

Apr 26, 2018 · CBD oil and depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

I’ve sort of been MIA from this discussion lately as life has been hectic and I’m now helping my newly divorced son and his 4 kids get settled into their “new normal”. However, I did want to mention that I stopped using the CBD oil as it did not seem to help me. In fact, I’d say it had the opposite effect on me. While taking it (just 1 drop) I was much more “weepy”. It also made me feel “weird” which I didn’t like. I am now trying the Sam-E supplement but haven’t really noticed much help with that either. I’m still struggling with the thought of going back on anti-depressants but keep fighting it. However, it makes me more sad watching my husband “walk on eggshells” around me and checking my mood when he comes home. Guess there’s just no easy answer!

Apr 4, 2018 · CBD oil and depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

@krisby I am sorry to hear your situation. If at all possible, I would suggest not using alcohol as a coping mechanism. The last thing you want is to become dependent on that. Most of us here are trying to treat our depression naturally as possible or at least get off these addicting anti-depressants. The CBD oil contains no THC as does marijuana; is completely natural and not addicting (no withdrawals either). I’m not big on using medical marijuana but that’s just me however, I’m ok with the oil due to its lack of THC and am finding good results with it.

Apr 4, 2018 · CBD oil and depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

@cdcc the 10 drops I was using was 1/2 dropper full and it was terrible! I can’t imagine if I had used a whole dropper!! I might even try using it every other day now to see how that goes!

Apr 4, 2018 · Tips on minimising withdrawal symptoms from Effexor (aka Venlafaxine) in Depression & Anxiety

@poisonivy I did fine weaning off Effexor till I finished the week of 37.5 then the withdrawals started bad. I found that taking motion sickness meds OTC helped a lot with dizziness and nausea. I used Botene. However it take about 6 weeks for the withdrawals to go away after I stopped completely.