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Feb 21, 2018 · Help appreciated - multiple symptoms, auto-immune always high in Autoimmune Diseases

Please if you seek more answers to help – ask away. there is many things to cover here, so I'm open to all and any questions that may help. Thank you

Feb 21, 2018 · Help appreciated - multiple symptoms, auto-immune always high in Autoimmune Diseases

Hi everyone!
I may be in the wrong area of this group but I just don’t know where to begin because my symptoms cover a multitude of areas.
I have just about given up on the medical profession and am trying to at least get an answer or pointed in the right direction.
They all say the same thing – not sure what’s going on exactly, but it “could” be XYZ so here’s some medicine to help. Nobody seems to be the right Dr to put everything together.
It’s getting very old

Symptoms are:
** Blood work almost always shows extremely high sed rate, Thyroid Peroxidase, C Reactive. Tested for every disease under the sun and all negative (many more than once)
** Extreme sporadic joint pain – it travels, NEVER in the same spot, NEVER any swelling or redness at all, ongoing, over a year now, flares up in different locations in my body at different times. Burning and tingling sensations. Will wake me at night. Pain brings tears to my eyes. Nothing I take relieves it.
**Double vision – regular basis, both eyes, ongoing 3 years (side by side double)
**Spasming eye/seizures – sporadically throughout the day, right eye, ongoing 3 years
**Significant ringing in the ears – regular basis, both ears, ongoing 3 years now
** hearing loss – minor, high frequency mostly
**“Fullness” in the ear – regular basis, both ears, ongoing, 8 months now – (ear specialist said no fluid detected in the ear so not an infection, based on testing and other visits, not Meniere’s disease, attempted 3 Eply maneuvers, all unsuccessful)
** extreme vertigo – regular basis, ongoing 8 months now, on medication to help, when I am off the medication I throw up daily and walk into things.
** Weakness and fatigue moreso than the past
** tripping and falling occasionally (my poor bloody knees)
** severe random chest pain last year like I couldn’t breathe . Went on for almost a week. Nothing showed up on any testing. Then it went away
** Bladder/incontinence issues – started about 9 months ago
** Sleep apnea – about a year now, occasionally

Testing has included multiple blood draws. Everything they can think to test me for – all negative. The only things that strike out as odd are the high auto immune tests results
Had an MRI on my brain and spine – brain showed multiple lesions, spine did not have any
Had a spinal tap as well – results appear negative, but that’s me deciphering the online write up. Have not seen a dr yet.

ANY help, direction, suggestions appreciated. I’m so very very frustrated. Everytime I think I’m getting somewhere with a new dr I hit a brick wall and am back to square one.
Thank you