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Mar 22, 2018 · Medications for anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

was subscribed lexapro 20g xanax .5 and ambien 10 mg seems to work to allow me to sleep but i still have anxiety during the day Worry about these pills as I have never taken medication for anything until I went into cardiac arrest 2 years ago
Both my pyschiatrist and Physcologist tell me it is working it is not high amts and keep taking them been about 6 months any suggestions

Feb 20, 2018 · Lexapro withdrawal in Depression & Anxiety

I am new to the site and would like read about lexapro and how to withdraw from it safely. been on .20 for 5 months and believe it is giving me stomach pain
hip pain cold feet and a very cloudy head. Could be wrong are these some of the symptoms my doctors say no but I am not sure
is there a substitute for lexapro as I am also on ambien and xanax . I lost 50 lbs because i refuse to eat and have all tests that were negative by Gastro
All started from heart conditions in and out of hgospital.