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Mar 7, 2018 · Who will lead the protest in Washington? in Chronic Pain

Good morning everyone! This is a very hot topic on twitter right now. Many Pain people, like us, are outraged. We already launched an assault! If you would like hop over and see what we are doing. I am part of a support group advocating for Pain People like us! some groups to look at are #onevoice360 #chronicpain #shareourpain #sponnies. The fight is pretty hot right now and we have a lot of warriors!

Feb 26, 2018 · fibromyalgia pain in Chronic Pain

Hope that it brings you the relief you are looking for! Best wishes for you! I know all about your trip and recovery. God's speed!

Feb 26, 2018 · fibromyalgia pain in Chronic Pain

Sad! Sounds like you a new doctor! She sounds rather closed minded. Yes, my Doc said I qualify as well and was happy to help me acquire. such red tape though!

Feb 26, 2018 · fibromyalgia pain in Chronic Pain

If it helps, why not try? It beats living in pain. I think we need to weigh our options. Hmmm pain vs. no pain. Its a no brainer for me. I can put away a little each month for proven methods that work. Other than drugs at all times. A combination is the key!

Feb 26, 2018 · CRPS - anyone suffering with complex regional pain syndrome in Chronic Pain

Yes I do. Could tell you all about it! 19 years I have lived with it!! Perhaps longer! I have Chiari. Every nerve feels like it is on fire when the Chiari decides to flare! You can't even scratch your head or hair! Have had the surgeries at John Hopkins in Baltimore for my Chiari. So nerve damage goes right along with it! The surgeries are not one I choose to remember. Zappers are a everyday occurrence! I like call them shockers or bolts! Sometimes, pain management does not even touch them!

Feb 26, 2018 · fibromyalgia pain in Chronic Pain

I am so sorry you are suffering with this. I too have it! I have turned to some alternative medicine. None of the pain rubs helped! I found a natural one that is a dream and takes the pain and inflammation away!!! PM me and I can share the info and website. This company makes products for people like us! All natural though and they work!