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Feb 16, 2018 · Seizure control: I can't seem to get any help in Epilepsy & Seizures

It was so wonderful to find others like me to connect to. At least I don't have to feel like I'm the only one fighting the battle of trying to find a good doctor for grand mal seizures. Sean, reading your story has been the best part of my day. Prayers that you have get some help at Mayo. I look forward to following your story and hopefully finding a doctor their for myself. I've had epilepsy since the age of 15. Doctors in south AR are not plentiful to say the least or equipped with the knowledge for handling a severe case of epilepsy. Granted, when I was younger they were easier to control because doctors back then put you on the old tried and true, depakote, but now as the years have passed and my body has changed so have the meds. I am allergic to about 95% of them or they don't control the seizures. I've had over 200 that I know of, wrecked my car out of the blue, kept working, had status epiltucus, and the list goes on. The medication side effects are horrible. I'm on a combo of 3 now and I can't get out of bed hardly. This has gradually gotten worse over the course of a year and I've gained weight. When I suggested to the doctor that something needed to change it has become let's wait and see. Wait and see for what??? I'm frustrated….