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Wed, May 15 6:31am · Lodging transplant patients in Transplants

We rented a house through AirBNB for recovery from my kidney transplant. There were a few people staying to help with my daughter and me, however. They do have smaller places like apts in homes etc, a variety.

Tue, May 14 3:18pm · New Transplant Blog Posts in Transplants

My daughter and I were blessed to have Dr Prieto preform our kidney transplant surgeries. My daughter gave me a kidney. We are so grateful! ❤️

Tue, May 7 7:19pm · Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Lou Gehrig’s disease in Caregivers

I have no answers. My husband has mixed dementia and want to keep him home so he can be in a place he loves. It’s so hard watching your best friend slowly deteriorating. It’s too hard to think much about the future so I try to enjoy what I can each day and be thankful for it.

Sun, May 5 6:11pm · Advil after tkr in Joint Replacements

I was also told to ice. In fact they sent me home from the hospital with 2 soft, ply able ice packs. I used them often and felt they really helped with pain and swelling. My recovery went well with great ROM. It’s been five 1/2 years.

Sun, May 5 5:16pm · Post Transplant Symptoms in Transplants

I had my first annual checkup at Mayo April 1-3. It sounds identical to yours. Although the CPN didn’t share the pictures with me, I was able to access them online. The only comment I have is that this was my third kidney biopsy and because the doctor doing it was learning, it took much longer and I had pain in my side during it and for awhile during recovery. Some Tylenol helped.

Sun, Apr 28 12:52pm · Post Transplant Symptoms in Transplants

@gary1864 My son has chronic Lyme disease and his symptoms sound so much like yours. It’s hard to diagnose but just wondering if it’s a possible consideration. It’s similar to chronic fatigue syndrome with brain fog, extreme tiredness, etc., but can be different for each person.

Fri, Apr 12 4:50pm · Living Donor Process in Transplants

@ek101085 Just want to share with you that my daughter was my living donor. She was very enthusiastic about being able to do it. We were a good match, but then I thought we should be, since I helped create that kidney and it had been in me before. A week after our surgery, she was dancing in the living room of the home we were renting in Rochester, and feeling very good. The only pain she complained about was the pain in her shoulders for a couple of days from the air that is used to inflate the abdomen. It is slowly absorbed, i guess. Mayo is so appreciative of the donors and they will always tell you how wonderful it is for you to be a donor. How awesome you are to be willing to donate!

Wed, Apr 10 1:10pm · Broken in Caregivers

So sorry to hear your sad news. Wishing you strength in the months ahead.