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6 days ago · Who will care for us as we age? in Caregivers

My husband has mixed dementia. After reading Mike and Me, I would like it if he could live out his life here in the home he loves. We have 20 acres and he loves being out in the country. I just brought him home from the hospital 2 days ago and he was so confused and cranky in the hospital. Granted just being sick can cause that and he was also off his meds. I’m thinking that when he’s gone I’ll probably live with one of my daughters. My Grandma lived with my Mom and my mom lived with me. They both lived to just a few weeks less than 100. 👍

Sun, Mar 3 7:18pm · Waiting for a kidney transplant in Transplants

Wishing you all the best for a good result and smooth recovery. 🙏🏻

Sun, Mar 3 7:08pm · Knee replacement with post traumatic osteoarthritis in Joint Replacements

I got cortisone shots in my knee every four months for 2+ years before having a TKR. They really didn’t hurt much at all. However my sister-in-law said hers were painful.

Sun, Mar 3 1:46pm · Polar plunge for Minnesota Special Olympics in Caregivers

That’s terrific! Good for you!

Sat, Mar 2 9:35pm · Waiting for a kidney transplant in Transplants

I was given a list of transplant centers in the summer of 2017 by my nephrologist and it was my choice whether to choose that or dialysis. Since I had daughters willing to be a donor, I chose transplantation. After checking with my ins and being told that I had two choices, I chose Mayo. In Sept I called Mayo and set up an evaluation appointment for Nov. After getting the go ahead and finding out my two daughters were both compatible, one of my daughters went through a 3 day evaluation in Jan and received the go ahead. It was then up to me to schedule when I wanted to do it. I wanted to wait until April because of the weather. Southern MN gets some nasty winter storms. I had my transplant April 6th, almost 11 months ago. I was so fortunate that it all went so smoothly. I did have some recovery issues, but it all worked out. I agree the doctors, nurses and staff are so knowledgeable, and caring. It is a wonderful place. I have my one yr checkup with a kidney biopsy scheduled for Apr 1-3. Except for being sick with a cold for the month of December and slipping on ice and tearing my hamstring recently, I’ve been doing really well. 🤞

Mon, Feb 18 8:14pm · Did anyone else develop Prickly Heat with their TKR spinal? in Joint Replacements

@amyotrophic. Do you know for sure that it’s prickly heat? You could be having an allergic reaction to a med or something. It sounds like you should be seen by a dr.

Sat, Feb 16 9:53am · This and That and Talk - My Transplant in Transplants

I agree with the constipation advice. When I was in the hospital, I had terrible cramping pain. They had me drink magnesium. Later during the night I had to ask for something for the pain and they gave me morphine. Not long after, I had diarrhea pretty much all night. I felt so bad for the nurses having to clean me and the bed so many times. If there’s something you can do to prevent that, it would be good.

Sat, Feb 16 9:42am · This and That and Talk - My Transplant in Transplants

@threerrr3 I had my kidney transplant 10 mos ago with my daughter as donor. The only thing I used at the hospital from home was my phone and a bag with toiletries. We rented a home for me, my daughter and the family that were caretaking. I brought comfortable pj’s and loose pants. You’ll have a support to wear for your abdomen. It took me about 7 weeks for the abdominal pain to leave when I was on my feet, walking etc. I didn’t wear the support for that long, though. Feel free to call your coordinator anytime with questions. My daughter and I did. Wishing you a good recovery. 🙏🏻