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Fri, Aug 28 3:52pm · Should I go to Mayo? Chronic Kidney Disease in Kidney & Bladder

I can’t say enough good things about Mayo. I had a kidney transplant two years ago in April. My daughter was the donor. My GFR was about 13 at the time. I was 75 and thought my age may be a factor. They weren’t concerned as long as my several tests… stress echocardiogram, aortic artery ultrasound, blood work and more were not showing any problems. Everything went good with the surgery after a bit of an adjustment in my immunosuppressants. The nurses on the transplant floor are the nicest people we’ve ever met. My daughter had a great experience, too. Mayo is so efficient and the communication between departments is awesome and I believe they do a good job at keeping the costs down.

Thu, Aug 13 12:28pm · Medicare Part B Drug Coverage: Trouble Filling Immunosuppressive Drugs in Transplants

I have a Medicare advantage plan with Humana. I’ve never had any problem getting 90 day prescriptions. I still get my Tacro, Cellcept and Prednizone from Mayo specialty pharmacy. I have other prescriptions that I get from Humana pharmacy. I have a 0% copay for most, but the immunosuppressants from Mayo have a small co pay.

Fri, Jul 31 4:30pm · Dementia might run in my family: Can I get tested? in Caregivers: Dementia

For anyone who’s interested, there’s a free 7 week course on dementia put on by the University of Tasmania about dementia. I’m about halfway through it. It’s very informative. https://mooc2.utas.edu.au/course/21

Fri, Jul 31 4:15pm · Shingles Vaccine (Shingrix): Is it advisable for transplant patients? in Transplants

I was told that it was safe to get the vaccine. I had my transplant over two years ago and got both doses of the new vaccine after my transplant.

Fri, Jul 10 1:09pm · Transplant anti-rejection medications. What's your advice? in Transplants

I haven’t noticed any side effects yet from taking Fosamax. I have to take it once a week first thing in the morning at least a half hour before other meds with a full glass of water. I can’t lay down again after taking it. He told me the percentage of problems, like thigh bone fracture, are low.

Thu, Jul 9 5:04pm · Transplant anti-rejection medications. What's your advice? in Transplants

At my recent 2 year checkup at Mayo I saw a endocrinologist, since I have thyroid nodules and have been diagnosed with osteopenia. He put me on Fosamax. I also take Prednizone

Thu, Jul 9 4:54pm · Transplant anti-rejection medications. What's your advice? in Transplants

MY close family knows about certain things that I cannot have, but there are events, like graduation open houses, wedding and baby showers etc., where we really have to be diligent about checking with the host/hostess to see if any of those ingredients are included. Because of the virus, we're not attending those events so much, however.