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Mon, Sep 9 1:43pm · Protecting patient from getting infections from me & others in Caregivers

We also have pets. They are essential to our wellbeing. My husband has dementia and loves them. Our grandkids are grown, but we have great grandchildren. I spent time with our 3 yr old twin great granddaughters at a wedding shower on Saturday and it felt so good since I don’t see them often. For me, I need to make sure no one is sick and always wash hands after petting animals, before eating, etc. I’m 1 1/2 years post transplant.

Thu, Aug 29 5:06pm · Post liver transplant fatigue in Transplants

Thanks Rosemary! I’ll check it out.

Thu, Aug 29 11:20am · Post liver transplant fatigue in Transplants

At my last appointment last summer, he said that if I would be on prednisone (5 mg or more) for more that 3 mos, it’s suggested that I take an rx for bone health. After my 1 yr check, and having a Dexa scan, I messaged him asking if he could check my scan and let me know if he thought I should be taking one of the meds for bones. He replied saying that after reviewing the scan etc. he could/would recommend it. It’s probably a good idea to talk to your endocrinologist about it. They are the ones who treat it. Prior to my transplant, he was the one who ordered my Dexa scans. I also see him for thyroid issues and previously parathyroid issues.

Thu, Aug 29 7:26am · Post liver transplant fatigue in Transplants

I’m wondering if anyone is on meds for bone density. My endocrinologist said that I could be a candidate for one of the drugs for osteoporosis because of the prednisone I’m taking and having osteopenia. It was ok’d by Mayo, but I’ve looked at the possible side effects and decided to wait til I see my endocrinologist next summer.

Tue, Aug 20 5:27pm · Airport X-ray results in Transplants

I have flown since my transplant and have been stopped as well as at the government center screening. I always tell them I have an artificial knee. They check me with the wand, and at the airport a pat down, and I’m allowed to go on.

Sun, Aug 4 9:59am · Waiting for the Call: What needs to get done at home before you go? in Transplants

My daughter was my donor. Since she was not on immunosuppressants, there was no waiting period to see family or anyone. It’s just using common sense after surgery. A week after surgery, she was being silly and doing a jig to show us how good she felt. Also sending a huge thank you for your willingness to be a donor.

Sat, Aug 3 5:01pm · Your best tips for raw food safety post transplant. in Transplants

I didn’t hear about the cantaloupe either. I thought they also said scrubbing and veggie washes weren’t necessary if you rinsed long enough under the water. Guess I should dig out my materials.

Fri, Aug 2 11:08am · Reunion get together at Rochester in Transplants

Yes, the food was all kept in large covered containers. There was your choice of turkey or beef to put on a bun, green beans, pasta salad, and mixed fruit. As I said volunteers served all of it, no cross contamination. The ice cream sundaes were served in another line in a different spot to be gotten later. 😋