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Feb 11, 2018 · Living with Parkinson's Disease - Meet others & come say hi in Parkinson's Disease

I am caring for my husband who was diagnosed with PD 8 months ago; his initial symptom was a profound and severe insomnia–that went on for many months!!!
It’s difficult for me to tell this story
Prior to this illness he (and I) led an extremely active lifestyle; we were into avid cycling (both road and mountain) among other sports.
After a long and painful journey in and out of Psychiatry ( MDs were insistent he was having a bipolar illness) we finally were able to see a neurologist and obtain the diagnosis of PD
As of this writing my husband is so overwhelmed with anxiety he can barely get through his day!
We take walks 3-4 times a day ; do other exercises and attend a dance class on the weekends but he and I will tell you he is a shadow of his former self
We both feel since he has started taking these meds his anxiety has increased to the point of craziness
His MDs keep asking us to increase his meds (carbidopa/levodopa and pramipexole) but we both feel these are contributing to his anxiety — as he is not feeling any relief since he has started them (he started the pramipexole initially several months ago, then the carbidopa/levodopa was added last month.
He tried taking other meds for anxiety but we found them not to be helpful
Prior to this illness he was not an anxious person at all!
To confound this he is now not sleeping very well; of course we are trying to keep the balance of healthy living/mindfulness/low stress/good support all in play here
We are both 62 years old; we live in Northern California