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Thu, Feb 14 12:12pm · Severe leg cramps in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I have also been taking magnesium pills (300 to 500 mg) daily. I don't know if this helps. It is my understanding that magnesium is better absorbed through the skin in bath water.

Thu, Feb 14 12:10pm · Severe leg cramps in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I had been getting "Charlie Horses" from time to time. Recently try to do some squats at home every day and have also been soaking in a jetted tub (don't need it to be jetted though) with Dr. Teal's Epsom Salts (which is magnesium). I put in two or three handfuls under running water and try to stay in the tub no less than 15 minutes. I think it not only helps with leg/foot cramps but also with reducing inflammation. I have osteoarthritis (knees and fingers) as well as carpal tunnel. I think it helps these too, and feel like a million dollars after these baths. I purposely don't rinse off my knees in the shower afterwards (although not doing so my be drying to your skin).

Thu, Feb 14 11:28am · turmeric with black pepper in Bones, Joints & Muscles

What kind of Tumeric did you use? Did it contain black pepper?

Tue, Feb 12 2:09pm · Back pain since having a double hip replacement in Joint Replacements

This may not be relevant in your case. I am curious whether you had spinal block anesthesia. I never had a lower back problem but recall that after my TKR I did suffer lower back pain after I returned home, which eventually ceased. It was never to the degree that you have described. I just wanted to throw that in because someone mentioned to me that it is not uncommon to have lower back discomfort after having a spinal block. I realize that in your case there is an issue with the bulging disc.

Mon, Feb 11 11:02am · Using a knee wedge after total knee replacement? in Joint Replacements

I know there is an opioid crisis. I had opioids, without the restrictions that you are having (doesn't seem fair). Eventually I did feel that Ibuprofen was more effective as it relieves inflammation and at the later stages my pain was due more to inflammation than the initial surgery. However I was instructed to take the opioids particularly before therapy sessions. Eventually I was instructed to stop taking Ibuprofen too and prescribed a combination of other short term medics. I kind of recall having some thigh pain but that went away.

Mon, Feb 11 10:47am · Using a knee wedge after total knee replacement? in Joint Replacements

I think the knee pain is normal considering the time frame since your surgery. I had pain while in the hospital 4 days and subsequently in a rehab facility. I was provided with narcotic pain killers. The pain eventually went away and my medications were changed to non narcotic. I also was instructed by the hospital not to place anything such as a knee wedge. Moving, bending your knee even though painful, using a CPM machine constantly, and aggressive physical therapy will eventually produce results. I did not receive the aggressive therapy that I should have had and also lost weeks of time in several instances by being discharged by the rehab facility, with the agreement that the insurance company was trying to find therapy for me in my area (lost an entire week and did not know at the time that this was the worst thing). By the time the at-home therapist came, he said I had absolutely no mobility and questioned as to what the rehab facility did. He worked with the surgeon to have me return to hospital for manipulation under anesthesia. Knee was manipulated to 120 degrees but a physical therapist in the hospital measured my flexion at 65 (which was better but not nearly 120 degrees). I was only in the hospital overnight. Subsequently went to outpatient physical therapy 6 days a week but that did not help either. Lost 3 weeks after the insurance company cut me off (did not know how seriously this affected my condition at the time). Returned to work and attended pretty aggressive physical therapy in Manhattan 3 nights a week but that did not help either.

Mon, Feb 11 10:30am · Scar tissue remains two years after TKR & Manipulation of Right Knee in Joint Replacements

I stopped all therapy at the end of 2017 – just gave up. Subsequently I hired a personal trainer for six months. The trainer focused on squats, utilizing weights without machines and other exercise without machines. This training did help my mobility (my flexion was not measured as in physical therapy but my mobility improved). I only did it on weekends but had to give it up due to scheduling. The improvement I gained has since been lost. Most recently I started taking baths using Epsom salts (magnesium) in a jetted tub. I don't know if this does anything but sometimes I feel slight discomfort in the right knee, which to me seems like a positive thing; most times I don't feel any discomfort but feel more flexible. I sometimes follow this with 30 minutes in a hot tub (I don't know if this helps but it feels good), whenever the weather cooperates as the hot tub is outdoors and I reside in the Poconos. Can anyone shed some light on these two and any other procedure that does not require surgery or physical therapy. Also, I cannot ride a stationery bike; cannot make the turn with my right knee. I am wondering about trying a leg press in the gym but have not done so at this time.

Mon, Feb 11 8:06am · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

Some surgeons will be unwilling to do anything if they were not the surgeon that you had at first. If you are one that develops scar tissue chances the scar tissue will return.