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Feb 4, 2018 · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

New to group today, had tkr done 4 years ago. Started out fine but had a Depuy knee put in originally which was determined to be faulty, so had a tk revision (2 revisions) done and had an Attune knee put in. That was in 2016. On top of it, my femoral nerve was nicked during the original surgery to top it off. I have had almost everything done everyone on here talks about. Therapy, massages, pain meds, and just recently had the spinal stimulator put in my back to help with some of the numbness and sever tingling down the inside of my knee/leg. that is helping there, but, since about November 2017, my mobility and the amount of stiffness has gotten to the point that I am now relegated to using at least 1 crutch and a good share of the time 2 crutches to get around. I had been a very active wildland fire fighter until this year (41 years) when the knee pain got to the point that I could not tolerate it any longer and have been seeing and using my spine and pain specialist for over a year for help. I am on 600 mg gabapentin 4 times a day and 10-325 mg of Percocet every 6 hours as needed. This only, as many say, dulls the pain, but does nothing for the stiffness. So I have cut back on the meds to times I only need it worst so that is generally once, maybe twice a day. I am getting trigger point injections in the nerves in my left lower leg (leg where I had the tkr done) and will soon be getting another nerve obligation done, along with physical therapy, to try and improve my mobility. I too am in a place where no one seems to want to touch my knee/leg for some reason yet, I think besides the nerve issue, that I have the unrealistic buildup of scar tissue that also needs to be treated but, I don’t know where to turn to. It’s really frustrating when your original TKR literally falls out with the revision (had 2 revisions and 1 orthoscopic procedure done) due to faulty components that led to this situation. I have seen well over 30+ different doctors, neurologists, orthopedic specialists, pain specialists, on and on, and I am willing to try and do almost everything to help get rid of at least some of the pain and stiffness. I know I will never be totally free of it, but even a 50% reduction would be unreal. 7 months ago, I could till my garden, mow my lawn, blow snow out of drive, and on and on. But now, I am luck to walk our to my barn, just about 200 feet, with my crutches. So very disheartening. Any ideas, suggestions, please let me know. I am game for it all. Thanks