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Tue, Jun 23 9:32pm · Transplant Evaluation - What to expect in Transplants

This is an old message I found. For some reason I stopped getting my connect messages. Please send back a message so I can try to get back in the loop. Missing all of you…

Sat, May 16 9:12am · Stopping medication in Caregivers

Please have strength to get through this. Reach out to everyone for help. You are stronger than you think but this is an extremely difficult time for you. Prayers that you get the help you need…

Wed, May 13 5:23pm · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

Who is your coordinator at Mayo JaX? Mine is Meghan and she is out this week. See if you can reach Will
He is very helpful. Have you tried to reach them thru your portal messages?

Mon, May 11 9:04pm · Help!! Severe itching with no relief -- not sure why! in Caregivers

Oh yes…itch! Went to every Dr. to find an answer and cure. Pretty much Sarna…I remember the smell. And Aveeno gave some relief. Dermatologist gave me many different creams. I think it was exzema but it had to run its course. Lately I have started to itch so I take hydroxine..atarax which also helps me sleep.
Hang in there….

Fri, May 1 7:04pm · Lessons from caregiving paying dividends during the pandemic in Caregivers

Indeed…never more apparent…
Every day is part of my new life….

Fri, May 1 4:34pm · Lessons from caregiving paying dividends during the pandemic in Caregivers

Yes, I am caregiving for a friend who just had the Whipple procedure. I have been putting to use all I have learned from Mayo to prepare for my upcoming liver transplant and the time afterward. Guess I've been in semi isolation for 3 ys now!
I'm not finding the real time isolation that hard…
Glad when it is over though. Likely never will be totally over for me.

Wed, Apr 29 3:17pm · Pancreatic Cancer Group: Introduce yourself and connect with others in Pancreatic Cancer

Took my guy to the Dr today to have staples removed and check on the fluid in the drain after Whipple two weeks ago. Its looking like a leak. They are sending it out to the lab. Otherwise, doing well. Praying for no fever…he has had pancreatitis before and a gall bladder removal that led to sepsis…thought we were over this!! Can also relate to not being there for him at the hospital…he was in 9 days. Very hard to be a caregiver for someone on Fentanyl epidural…the nurses were great!
Will be watching your progress…