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Thu, Aug 29 9:23pm · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

How fortunate that you got the help you needed. My story is similar..my Meld is only 8 and Mayo watches me….like a hawk! What was your turning point? Im waiting but I really havent changed…or it is silently creeping up on me.
I will be 69 years old next week..what happens if I stay this way til 73 and then it suddenly falls apart? Will I be too old??
What do you think??

Sat, Jul 13 2:10am · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

Glad the hard part of your journey is behind you!

Sun, Jun 2 7:51pm · This and That and Talk - My Transplant in Transplants

Keep the faith..you are making progress..easy for me to say…you are a hero to many of us.

Wed, May 29 8:31pm · This and That and Talk - My Transplant in Transplants

Not ignoring you…had heart catherizatuon all good. 2days later I fell on the hospital side walk and broke 3 bones in my hand and wrist my elbow and rib. How convenient it was at the emergency room entrance! Lol you cant make it up! Wont be texting much but please know I am reading everything and thinking of all of you…

Mon, May 6 8:09pm · It's not all about the MELD Score in Transplants

Yes I agree…the good news is that eveything they have checked was fine
The cardiologist who is head of the heart transplant group at TGH is doing the procedure and has assured me that it wont have any impact on my waiting. He said if there is something going on they will fix it while they are in there. Mayo has agreed to the procedure.
I think they are checking all the weak links before they list. We will see. Know more tomorrow.

Mon, May 6 4:50pm · It's not all about the MELD Score in Transplants

Well I am wondering if the Drs have any clue what path this disease will take. Going to my hep Dr tomorrow and that is one of my many questions for her.
The itchiness from excema is gone for now…but still on the fri ge. Now they are concerned about my heart so I have a heart monitor for 14 days and a catherization next Wed. Oh yes..a sleep study and test too.
The MRI I had at Mayo was all good except for a spot they found on the lung..ultrasound cleared that…
If they could only tell me what comes next…..that doesnt happen with this disease…we are all different. PS I am very fortunate to be a patient of the transplant team at Tampa General Hospital and Mayo Jax Transplant team. I have meld of 6 down from 8. So, I know Im getting very good care and they traet me as if my meld were 20. Not on the hot list deemed too early.

Wed, May 1 6:50pm · It's not all about the MELD Score in Transplants

Thank is good news. I have been hanging in for three years…Im still too early but they watch me like a hawk..all good

Mon, Apr 1 8:23am · This and That and Talk - My Transplant in Transplants

As I figured…you put it so well too. I expect it to be something in me that I will treasure..and protect..like a baby. AND we know for sure we dont want to go back to that place in time of misery. Thanks for sharing..