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Tue, Feb 12 8:11pm · finding help in Just Want to Talk

I went to the same dr. office today, but different Dr. I have buldging L5 and 4. Im not really sure what that all means but start physical therapy on 14th. I got meds for my headaches, my incontinance and antibiotic for sinus infection plus steriod for something. For the life of me, I am just wondering why the nurse called me same day and said it was normal wear and tear. It kinda makes me mad

Mon, Feb 11 9:25pm · finding help in Just Want to Talk

@leonard Holloway yes, my chiropractor said each time I went that they have gotton worse. Got worse in just 3 months time. I will look at the link. Thank you!

Sun, Feb 10 10:59pm · finding help in Just Want to Talk

Lioness ill do that… thank you!

Sun, Feb 10 10:58pm · finding help in Just Want to Talk

I really dont know what the MRI showed. they just called same day and said normal wear and tear. Ive had xrays at chiropractor. he just tells me that its getting worse. As for pain, my whole body hurts. I have so many other issues too that i dont know where to begin with drs. I dont know if the back issues are from degerative or ftom the constant beatings i took from an ex. some were pretty painful. For years my chiro has told me my lympnodes are swollen. I have gone from 138 to now 230 pounds from inactivity. Anything I do makes me hurt. No doctor yet has tod me ro do anything

Sun, Feb 10 9:18pm · finding help in Just Want to Talk

we have a health dept here. but its more for WIC purposes and small tests like pregnancy or stds. What would I say to the health department? My family knows how I am but im like the black sheep i guess

Sun, Feb 10 8:07pm · finding help in Just Want to Talk


Sun, Feb 10 7:47pm · finding help in Just Want to Talk

Hello! My name is Deb and Im 47. I live in an area where there is hardly any Drs unless you are able to travel. I am now to the point with my pain that I cant handle anymore. I see a chiropractor and for years he has told me I have degenerative in my hips that are now basically bone to bone. He has never told me to do anything. about 2 years ago i had sciatica in left leg. Then while that was going on I pulled hamstring in same leg. I finally got kinda thru that. However, my left foot is halfway numb, and it swells very easily. my lower back feels like crumbling when I stand or walk. Dr. had MRI done 2 weeks ago and I guess nothing was wrong but normal wear and tear. Dr told me that 2 hours after MRI wich was done on mobile unit. Where can a person go with these problems and get help? This all cant be in my head. Im just needng someone to help me get to dr, but have no one. I am on disability for bi polar and other mental issues. I can not talk on a phone. I need advice any would help. Thank you all