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Mar 9, 2018 · Viibyrd in Depression & Anxiety

I would be very interested to learn of anyone’s experience with Viibyrd. I had been taking Paxil for years, but it was no longer working. I am a lifelong anxiety sufferer, and after doing some research, thought Lexapro might be best for me. However, doctor strongly believed Viibyrd was the way to go, so I switched to 10 mg Viibyrd one week ago. The side effects have been awful – brain zaps, vertigo, GI issues, nausea, brain fog. I have read that these side effects will not last forever, and that if you can get through the first horrible few weeks, the drug is a lifesaver for many. Can anyone in this group with real-life experience of Viibyrd comment? Thanks.

Feb 5, 2018 · SSRIs in Depression & Anxiety

I have been dealing with anxiety, in one form or another, since adolescence. I have tried several medications and therapies, including CBT.

Feb 5, 2018 · SSRIs in Depression & Anxiety

I need to find a new SSRI – one that manages anxiety. I am considering either Celexa or Lexapro. I realize everyone reacts differently to these medications, but I would still be interested in learning of others’ experiences with these drugs, and whether or not they helped with anxiety. Thank you.