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5 days ago · Saying goodbye to chronic pain, thanks to nerve stimulation in Adult Pain Medicine

pfbacon, ask your neurologist about the pain pump while you are there, seriously.

5 days ago · Saying goodbye to chronic pain, thanks to nerve stimulation in Adult Pain Medicine

It isa test which is preformed prior to a more permanent implant to make sure the patient is receptive to that particular therapy. It works on nerves which come off your spine to block those signals. I take Lyrica and amitriptyline for neuropathy with good results. I have a pain pump for other pain issues.

Sun, Mar 17 10:44pm · What Distracts You From the Pain? in Chronic Pain

If I have to be honest about it, I really think that opioids are the ultimate pain reliever. We live in a climate where opioids are not going to be available in most circumstances no matter how much pain you're in. The fact of the matter is if you haven't lived with unbearable pain you can't appreciate how hard it is and you're not going to have the necessary Mercy to deal with people that are in that situation. I've been on really high doses of opioids I've done Physical Therapy I've done yoga I do tregon I've done every damn thing there is to eliminate your pain distract your pain or make it possible to cope with your pain. Opioids are limited in their value. I have pain in my big toes from neuropathy which is almost unbearable and what makes it unbearable is the fact that I've had so many opioids and you can develop this kind of resistance to them that can magnify little pain into giant pain. In the present environment the only way you're going to get opioids to help with your pain long-term is to have a pain pump. You can't touch the drugs you can't sell the drugs you can't steal the drugs you can't take more of the drugs than your supposed to their sealed up in a pump inside your body and everybody is comfortable with that situation. No one's going to point a finger at your doctor and save drug dealer nobody's going to point a finger at you and say drug addict. This is the horrible situation that were living with I am fortunate in that I am old and I am sick and I don't have that much longer to deal with these problems. I'm not looking forward to dying but I've lived a very wonderful gifted and blessed life and I would hate to be a young person in the situation that I'm in, I just have no idea what I would do.0p

Sun, Mar 17 8:21pm · What Distracts You From the Pain? in Chronic Pain

That's true, they probably would want to test the person to see if opioids are effective, they would probably also want to try and implant stimulator to see if that's effective before they put the pain pump in. They could determine which drug they should use by employing genesight testing. This testing predicts what drugs you are able to digest if you will based on your genes and known markers. The fact that a person had not used opioids would make them an excellent candidate for the pain pump because they don't have a built-up tolerance and they could start with really minuscule doses. Remember one mg of anything taken by mouth compares to 1 mg via the pain pump having the effect of 300 mg by mouth. The pain pump for the person who's never used opioids would have a much longer effective range in years. They can only turn it up so far or they run the risk of flooding the pain receptors and have the opioid exchange from something that relieves pain to something that creates incredible pain. I can't imagine why someone would not be a good candidate for a pain pump unless they're Jean type means that they can't digest opioids at all. Even people who have really bad side effects from opiates can use the pain pump because they don't have to run it through their stomach in their digestive system. Remember no side effects as the kind you get in your bowels from ingesting opioids.

Sun, Mar 17 7:30pm · What Distracts You From the Pain? in Chronic Pain

What could be too painful for the pain pump? They can also use morphine which is not as strong as Dilaudid but I suppose they could use fentanyl or one of its derivatives which are orders of magnitude stronger than Dilaudid? Ultrium is very addictive. It's not the kind of addiction where you crave the drug when you try to stop taking it but you do get very very sick if you've been using it long term. When I stop taking it it was a full 96 hours of having the worst flu like symptoms you could possibly imagine.

Sun, Mar 17 2:06pm · What Distracts You From the Pain? in Chronic Pain

Ultram sucks anyway. Get a pain pump delivering Dilaudid

Sat, Mar 16 11:02am · Chronic Back Pain for Years in Chronic Pain

Certainly ask away. You can ask him this open for him or you can ask through a private message via this page. I know they use morphine in the pump however my pump uses Dilaudid which is much stronger and more concentrated than morphine and has far fewer side effects.

Tue, Mar 12 9:49pm · Chronic Back Pain for Years in Chronic Pain

Find a pain clinic that will give a "Pain Pump". 2 to 4 mgs. of Dilaudid per day will take care of you. You won't be pain free but you'll be ok. Search this website for wsh66. I have written extensively about my experience with the pump. It is what you need. Relief without the side affects of oral meds.