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4 days ago · Pain pump, I have one, how about one for you? in Chronic Pain

That is a exactly what I read explaining, but because of the presence of fentanyl, the black market is too dangerous. It will kill you. Please read it again. It is an important cautionary tale.

5 days ago · Pain pump, I have one, how about one for you? in Chronic Pain

Shortly after I made this post another member posted a list of narcotics and phone numbers where you could order these drugs with no prescription. I believe the post has been removed however for those who don't know, that information may have been real but you must know this. You cannot get real authentic drugs on the internet or anywhere else with no prescription. These types of sellers are the sources of most of the most if not all of the overdose deaths. You may be able to buy pills that have narcotics in them but they are always counterfeit and are usually made from fentanyl. It is perfect for smugglers as tiny amounts are very powerful and it's easier to smuggle little packages than it is large ones. The problem is that titrating drugs, (measuring out the right quantities to make a pill), is really hard. The smaller amount needed to make a pill active, the harder it is to get it right.

I don't know what percentage of people who buy this way are doing so to get high but I'm positive many of the purchasers are legitimate pain patients who cannot get access to the medicine they need. Having lived with life destroying levels of pain and then getting help in the form of narcotics and having their lives restored, find it inconceivable to go back to life before they got help, when they get cut off. They turn to these sources and things may be fine but one bad pill kills them. Think about it. You've gotten the meds you need. It was hard and expensive to get them. You are going to make them last, your not going to take a whole handful at once. Overdosing isn't that easy. If you take 100mg per day, 125mg is not going to kill you. There is the level you need to treat pain and then a higher lever to become intoxicated, even more to knock you out but still have you wake up, still more to get you to the emergency room but it takes a lot more to kill you so quickly you can't ask for help.

There has never been anything like fentanyl where such a tiny amount kills. A number of countries manufacture all sorts of illegal drugs like meth, oxycodone, morphine and fentanyl The Ukraine and Mexico have a history with meth and it's precursors. There was one case where 4 55 gal drums of meths main ingredient were discovered bound for L.A. vis Mexico. Not surprisingly the level of meth use in the USA goes up and down in relationship to how much pressure the DEA buts on countries like the Ukraine. I learned this from a "Frontline" documentary a few years ago.

No matter how bad things get you should never ever use a service like this. People using drugs generally know what they are doing and don't want overdose. They don't overdose because one day they decide to take 4 times what they took yesterday, they overdose because that bag of heroin they just shot had 4 times the amount of heroin they were expecting or what the dealer had intended. Killing your customers is bad for business but it happens too frequently. It has always happened especially with heroin. It's happening much more frequently because of fentanyl. Fentanyl is 80 to 100 times stronger than morphine which is what heroin is made from. This is why it is so dangerous. The drug dealers and counterfeit manufacturers do not have the labs that legitimate drug manufacturers possess and they don't give a damn if they kill you. You can't sue some fool in Mexico or China.

Prince was a good example. He overdosed on what he probably believed was Oxycontin. He had a long reputation as a non drug user. He was very religious and was also a victim of extreme pain. I would bet he used a street dealer or a source like the ones that appeared here a few days ago. I know how bad this has gotten for many of you but this is not the solution. To the person who made the post, you are playing russian roulette, if you play long enough you will die. Love and Blessings. Get a pump!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 days ago · Pain pump, I have one, how about one for you? in Chronic Pain

Before the pump, I took valium to dampen constant cramping in different parts of my body. There was no problem with drug interaction. Now I take baclofen for cramping.

Tue, Aug 4 1:30pm · Pain pump, I have one, how about one for you? in Chronic Pain

The spinal stimulator and the pain pump are two different things and I can't imagine wanting both., I was first tested to see if the stimulator would work. It did not. Next I had a spinal tap, {painless}, where a small amount of Hydromorphone was injected into my spinal fluid to see if it would bring relief. It did so a surgery was scheduled. I was in hospital for a little more than one day. My oral drugs were decreased radically, almost overnight. I never experienced any withdrawal symptoms which did not surprise me as I never abused my oral meds. (Don't get high, don't get addicted. No addiction, no withdrawal. Many doctors do not agree with me about that and perhaps my case is unique.} The pump is good for 5 or more years. Some get it refilled every 12 weeks, some like me need it done after 10 weeks. The narcotic in the pump can get old and loss there effectiveness. A needle is inserted through the skin into the reservoir and the old meds removed. New meds are added via the same needle stick.

I would recommend having Genesight Testing, {brand name} done beforehand. It will tell you which narcotics your body will metabolize well increasing the probability that they will work for you. If your doc doesn't like gene mapping, Genesight can hook you up with a doc to do it. It's just a check swab and is covered by most insurance and medicare. {Genesite testing will also tell you which drugs for depression, mode problems and other mental diseases will be best for you, should you ever need such drugsI like Hydromorphone or as it is also known Dilaudid which is a very clean synthetic heroin. Much stronger than morphine which didn't ever work for me. With hydromorphone I experience no side effects. We're talking about 4mg. per day plus another .9 mg that I can self administer with a remote over 10 doses in 24 hours. This works better for me than the 200mg of oxycontin, 32 mg of dilaudid and the 20 mg of valium I used to eat everyday which dulled my brain, my balance and tied my guts in knots. If getting all the pills you could want is a new Chevrolet, getting a pain pump is a new top of the line Mercedes Benz and your own chauffer. Need I say more?

Sun, Aug 2 11:08am · Pain pump, I have one, how about one for you? in Chronic Pain

MHealth. 909 Fulton St. Mpls. Mn. Dr. Park. 612-624-6666. Search this site for wsh66. I have written a lot about the advantages of the pain pump. They have just recently resumed doing implant surgeries which had been suspended due to covid. Even when I was getting huge doses of opioids I did not get the relief the pump gives me, plus, no side effects.

Tue, Jun 30 7:11pm · Why Genetic Testing for Mental Health Meds is Important in Depression & Anxiety

Genetic testing like Genesight Testing,(Brand Name, the original. Uses a cheek swab to map parts of your genetic code. This information will tell which drugs you can metabolize well and which you can't. It covers Mood drugs, Psychotropic drugs and analgesic,or pain drugs. Apparently a lot of the hit or miss nature of drugs for depression and other similar concerns is related to the bodies ability to digest them and how fast this happens. If yo can't metabolize it, it can't help you. If you metabolize to quickly you may need doses more often. Metabolize too slowly and you may overdose as one dose piles up on the last dose.


The link is for Genesight for patients. It will tell you everything you need to know. You need a doctor who is registered with them. The Doc can register for free in a short phone call. Many Docs don't want to. Got that god complex working or they are just to busy. No problem. Put in your zip code and they give you list of registered Docs close by. They do the swab, they meet with you afterwards and explain your results. You eave with a thick report full of info to share with your doctor. It will tell you if your getting the right drugs or what might be better. No Guarantee the new drugs will work but at least they will be drugs your body can process and if you can't digest the drugs, they cannot work. Have that report made part of your median record but keep a copy for yourself. If my Doctor wouldn't look at it or act upon it I'd have gotten a new Doctor. Some Docs don't want a test telling them what to do. Some think they have solved the very difficult problem of predicting what will work for whom and they find this to be a threat. It's not, it's just a tool. Who doesn't know someone who bounced from drug to drug getting no help or worse, having bad side effects. e.g. Cymbalta made me suicidal and was never that way. If I had this test first I would never have taken Cymbalta. Not that it predicted that side effect from that drug but it did tell me that my body wouldn't metabolize it in a way that would have helped. The test confirmed I was taking the right drug for pain and steered me to the right drug for depression. I'd never had one that worked. It was so easy. No I don't work for these folks but I believe that what they have to offer is great and anyone taking any kind of psychotropic drug should have this teat.

MA pays for it. I believe Medicare does to. My insurance did. If I'd had to pay 3 times the price out of pocket, I'd still considerate a great buy.

I cannot stress this piece bit strongly enough. Based on some of the answers I've gotten from people who have used it you would do well to ave the test done by someone other than your doctor. Someone who will not be prescribing your meds for you. Someone with no skin in the game, no ego to worry about and no ax to grind. Some Doctors don't like having a patient know that the Doc was wrong which is nuts because the Docs have no way to predict what is going to work or not work for you. They made no error. Make sure your doctor knows that is how you see it. Again, if my Doc hadn't been accepting of the info, I'd have moved on.

BTW Mayo clinic has also developed a test like this. Remember, any doc or nurse practioner can administer the test and shoe you the results. This is a godsend for people like us.

love and blessings

Sat, Jun 27 6:47pm · Why Genetic Testing for Mental Health Meds is Important in Depression & Anxiety

Have you had gene profiling done?

Thu, Jun 25 1:09pm · Pain pump, I have one, how about one for you? in Chronic Pain

Yes and yes. Yes, It will affect all parts of the body as all parts connect to the spinal fluid. It is not 100% effective but nothing is. Pain builds during the day the longer your spine bears weight. In addition to the 4 mg I get every 24 hours I have 1 mg that I can take over 10 doses every 24 hours. You get a device called a Bolus, about the size of deck of cards that acts as a remote control to administer those extra doses. It is also a computer that records everything the pump does and allows your doctor to adjust dosing.

Yes there is Testing. I began by being tested for an electrical stimulater which was not effective. Then I was given a small dose of Dilaudid via a spinal tap to make sure I would respond to this therapy. Oh happy day. This was a life saver for me. They also need to test to see which drug works best for yiu and we are all different based on our genes.The only downside is having to return to MHealth every 10 to 12 weeks so they can remove the old medicine and replace it with fresh. Once your with the doctor it's a 10 minutes procedure, painless. It's a 2 hour round trip drive for me but I do it if it were 8 hours round trip.

I still get a small oral dose which I doubt they will give you. I am the squeaky wheel and they fear me so I refuse to give it up. Actually I'm pretty sure it functions as a placebo as the dose is tiny in comparison to what the pump gives me. My 4 plus 1 mg per day is the equivalent of 120 to 740 mg of morphine units per day, depending on who does the math. My doctor says it is more like 400 to 1200 mg of Dilaudid which is many times stronger than morphine. I don't get relief from morphine. Dilaudid is a much more refined drug and has almost no side effects at least for me.

As I mentioned before, a company called GeneSight can test you to see which pain drugs will be best for you based on what your individual body can metabolize as well as tell you how fast you'll digest it which is very crucial to dose size. The same cheek swab will tell which Psychotropic meds and mood drugs will be best for you. The days of guessing are over. Not all docs have bought into this yet but go to the GeneSight website and read. They will give you names of Docs that will test you and then explain your results. You leave that meeting with a full report that you can have put into your medical records. Mayo now has their own form of gene auditing.

Anything else you want to know, just ask. Also if you search the sight we are on under wsh66 you will see a great deal more I've written about the pump. I still live with pain but I'm so much better