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Sun, Oct 27 8:43pm · CBD oil for pain in Chronic Pain

Chilly Willy, reading your piece and noting the grammar and punctuation, methinks you might be using a little bit more of the plant than you are letting on. This is almost unreadable. Please bear in mind that this forum is for relating what you have done and what you have had success with or what didn't work. It is not intended advising or instructing others about what they should do or how to use drugs of any kind. Your advice to not take narcotic pills can be very dangerous for a person who has been on large doses for an extended period of time. I doubt that the CBD oil will do anything for the symptoms of withdrawal which they might experience by stopping suddenly. Withdrawal can be quite serious and even fatal. A person should never stop taking opiodes without first consulting their doctor about how gradually they should reduce their dosage. I would imagine that their Doctor, who would probably apluad their desire to find substitute for narcotics, would have them start the CBS oil and then follow a gradual reduction schedule, thus avoiding both withdrawal as well as needless days of suffering.

Mon, Sep 30 10:09am · The Dreaded Pain Scale in Adult Pain Medicine

Look into having a pain pump inserted. Tiny doses of medication in the right place can work wonders.

Sun, Aug 25 4:12pm · Chronic Back Pain for Years in Spine Health

While they're in there doing all those surgeries why not have him drop in a pain pump? It's amazing what 3 mg of Dilaudid released directly into your spinal fluid over 24 hours will do to deal with pain. Even after large doses of Narcotics stop working for you the pain pump continues to work. I'm going on for years with mine I have a history similar to yours and I don't get total relief but life is livable again with the pain pump. If you want to know more just ask

Mon, Jul 8 11:00am · Psoriatic Arthritis in Autoimmune Diseases

I know, it's not supposed to go away but mine did. Several years of practicing Qigong

Mon, Jul 8 6:40am · Psoriatic Arthritis in Autoimmune Diseases

I took Methotrexate injections for years. They didn't help all that much and I ended up the very rare sarcoma. After several years of practicing Qigong I was told I no longer had psoriatic arthritis. I don't know how you would feel about more surgery but I have a pain pump inserted in my abdomen with a catheter running up my spine which gives me tiny doses of Narcotics. There are no side effects because it does not go through my digestive system, it is leak directly into my spinal fluid. It's too small a quantity, 3 mg every 24 hours, to make me dopey and other than having to have the surgery I don't really see a downside. Today is my 68th birthday and I'm on my way to Minneapolis to have fresh medication inserted into my pain pump by way of a needle which takes about 5 minutes and is completely painless. I hope you find an answer, love and blessings.

Sun, Jun 30 10:52pm · CBD oil for pain in Chronic Pain

I've been participating in these Chats on pain and other issues for a couple of years and something important occurs to me. Especially when you're dealing with pain combined with depression and anxiety it is going to be almost impossible to know if a new product is having a positive effect a negative effect or no effect at all. Pain depression and anxiety all come and go with their frequency and their intensity. I can tell you this, anxiety and depression will greatly increase the intensity with which you experience pain, probably a lot more than any single thing you add to your regiment like CBD or lidocaine or other topical medications. I know this kind of sucks because it makes it really hard to decide what to do. What I have found that works is the number one deal with my depression, I use antidepressants and talk therapy and last but not least bibliotherapy. Read the book Feeling Good, read The Four Agreements. Evaluating the effects of other drugs or supplements to deal with pain before you have adequately dealt with your depression and your anxiety is a Fool's errand. I don't know much about CBD and I'm hoping to learn more. I do know from years of smoking pot that it doesn't make your pain Less in fact it may intensify your pain and it does not make your anxiety less and in fact in almost everyone who smokes it especially if they don't smoke it everyday and they're used to it it increases one's paranoia and anxiety. This is nothing new, we've known this since our generation started smoking pot in the 60s. It would appear from what I'm reading that non THC forms of cannabis do have a positive effect on pain. Fortunately if you listen to Science Friday on NPR you may have heard about a group of people who are synthesizing THC from sugar I have accomplished this by genetically altering yeast to do the work for them. There are a number of components in cannabis which occur in such small quantities that no one really knows what they do and they may turn out to be very beneficial and this group is working on synthesizing THC and THC 9 containing cannabinoids that will focus on these lesser-known aspects of cannabinoids. CBD is being pushed heavily by everyone who doesn't want to give you narcotics. Remember this. America's problem with addiction it's not primarily centered on doctor prescribed opioids it is centered on methamphetamine and heroin from Mexico. Your government could control these with further efforts and further pressure on the countries that manufacture the sudafedrin to allow the Mexicans to make all the meth that they bring into America. A wall will not stop these drugs they are not carried in on mules they are transported by any number of means. They are not hand carried across the border, no immigrants are bringing pallets with for 55 gallon drums of pseudoephedrine into California as the ones that were found their seven years ago which originated in the Ukraine. if you're old like me and you're going to be in pain for the rest of your life the only thing you can do that's really going to work for you is to find a good pain clinic with a good neurosurgeon who will implant a pain pump in your abdomen and run a catheter up your spine and deliver you three to four milligrams of Dilaudid or a similar drug per day which will eliminate about 50% of your pain. Those first three mg you get along with the two that you can give yourself will give you an effective dose of 700 mg to 800 mg of morphine every day. I've seized drugs did not pass through your stomach there are no side effects in terms of constipation. The liquid is mixed directly into your spinal fluid and goes directly onto the base of the nerves which run throughout your body. It will not make you Dopey it will not make you sick to your stomach it will not make you constipated. I'm 4 years into this program and I haven't thought about eating my shotgun since 2015 before I got my pump. Marijuana's a lot of fun and it feels great but it's not going to be the be-all and end-all for medicine. Modern medicine for all the bad rap it takes especially for my own generation is still pretty damn good stuff. it's saved my life when I had a rare sarcoma and it's made my life bearable after my spine is crushed and collapsed under wear and tear scoliosis osteoarthritis and any number of other conditions that have left me pretty much disabled. If you want to know more about pain pumps, do a search under wsh66. Good luck, love and blessings.

Sun, Jun 16 6:01pm · CBD oil for pain in Chronic Pain

Understand this. It may take a while for you to learn to tolerate THC. There are two basic kinds, indica and sativa. Find out which one you've been taking and try the other one. Don't smoke it that's crazy. Take it in a vape pen but turn the vape pen to the lower of the three settings and take a tiny little puff and wait. The thing that fools a lot of people with the vape pen is that as you take the puff and I mean a puff not a long inhale, as you take the pup you taste nothing, and on the Excel with the lowest setting you'll probably see nothing. So before you give up on marijuana try that I don't know if it'll help you but I've never heard of anyone who got sick every time they took it. I've heard of getting sick because you took too much or more specifically you took too much too fast and I've heard of people getting sick the first couple of times they use it but this is stuff that generally passes. You got to believe good luck love and blessings

Fri, Jun 14 2:17pm · Chronic Use of Tramadol in Adult Pain Medicine

You and I and folks like us are the collateral damage in the war on opioids. We are not the problem, we did not create the problem we did not further the problem. We found a way to live out the balance of Our Lives with pain was manageable and that means has been taken away from us. It is Extreme, but the only thing you can do really is get a pain pump which doesn't seem to cause the alarm that other ways of taking opioids to do. Playing the The Devil's Advocate I will remark that really really high doses of opioids did not take care of my pain as effectively as the extremely low doses that I got from the pain pump do and I did have some side effects of doubling my wits with the really high doses. Doses in the 230 to 250 mg of Oxycontin a day rage