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4 days ago · Terrible reaction to Gabapentin 300mg cap in Chronic Pain

You need to remember, the purpose of this forum is to relate what does and doesn't work for you. You should not give medical advice to others, even if you were a professional PT. If you stop and think, you can always think of a way to say what you want to say while couching it in terms of the first person.

Wed, Mar 25 9:53pm · Terrible reaction to Gabapentin 300mg cap in Chronic Pain

We have all become, "The Toxic Patient". (C) We are all cursed. I'm not taking this lying down. Watch for the coming essay under that title. I'm working on this. The worm has turned….

Mon, Mar 9 11:52am · Terrible reaction to Gabapentin 300mg cap in Chronic Pain

I am a cancer survivor with neuropothy and pain caused by scoliosis caused by my cancer surgery. I recieve Dilaudid and oxycodone as part of my palliative care. That classification makes it possible and easier for the doctor to do. I have,an intrathcal pump which delivers the Dilaudid directly to my spinal fluid in tiny amounts. It is about 100 to 300 times more effective than oral dosing and has no side effects. Search these chats for me, wsh66, I've written extensively about the pump. It is what makes my lie bearable.

Fri, Mar 6 8:02pm · CBD oil for pain in Chronic Pain

I almost hate to say this but my neurologist who deals with the intrathecal pain pumps does not believe that CBD oil has any value at all. However oh, he doesn't live with pain and it's never had anything to do with any form of cannabis product.

Fri, Mar 6 8:00pm · CBD oil for pain in Chronic Pain

I have gone off opiates in the past by simply stopping taking them. I never got high on them which I believe prevents the addiction Factor. I know you can taper your dose over days or weeks depending on how large a dose you taking, for how long. If I had to do it again I would just stop taking them but I would make sure I still had some on hand. If I went into withdrawal, which would probably be a lot like the flu, I would take one half of what one dose had been when I was on them. That would probably stop the withdrawal symptoms for a time. When they returned I would do the same thing. After doing that two or three times I would decrease that dose by half again. If it doesn't work you can always increase the dose back to the previous dose for a few more days. You can also ask your pain management person what they recommend. I believe some people have a much larger problem with this than other people. I read about one person who was forced to taper off over 6 weeks and had a very hard time of it and that that is no longer permitted by medical authorities. I have a friend who used opiates who also stopped cold with no withdrawal but he was very careful to never have taken enough to completely extinct is pain. The idea being, that if you take enough to completely remove all uour pain and there's any extra drugs in your system they will have the effect of releasing endorphins in your brain and giving you the sense of euphoria which I believe is what causes addiction. If I really wanted good advice I would talk to someone in the treatment business. I know a number of pain specialists who know an awful lot about how to take these drugs but their knowledge about the mechanisms of addiction and the methods of decreasing and ending your use, don't seem to be up to the same level. You don't have to go through a violent withdrawal. You can safely taper your meds down to zero without getting sick. Good good. Love and Blessings.

Mon, Mar 2 9:53pm · Stim wave procedure for chronic abdominal pain in Chronic Pain

Medicare does cover the medication. Some people think it doesn't because they don't code it right when they build for it. My clinic had trouble with that when they change Personnel but they've got it straightened out again.

Mon, Mar 2 4:17pm · Stim wave procedure for chronic abdominal pain in Chronic Pain

I spoke to Dr Park at MHealth in Mpls. MN today, concerning the use of a pump like mine for abdominal pain. I was having my pain pump refiled. He says that the implanted intrathecal pain pump works on pain all over the body and in almost all cases would be appropriate for abdominal pain. If my pain guy only did stimulators I would have kept looking until I found one who did the pump. I was tested for the stimulator and it was useless. I wasn't having surgery to get something that didn't work. Search these chats for me, wsh66/pain pump and read about them. Getting the pump is like hitting the lottery for pain patients. 4 mgs. per day leaked into my spinal fluid over 24 hrs. plus a very small oral dose works better than the 252 mgs. I used to eat everyday. No side effects. They test you by giving you a spinal injection to see how you respond. Gene Sight testing can predict which narcotic you will metabolize the best. That's a brand name, Gene Sight. Go to there website to find a doctor who is qualified to do the cheek swab and then make the report part of your medical records. Good Luck

Sun, Mar 1 10:07pm · Stim wave procedure for chronic abdominal pain in Chronic Pain

I know nothing about abdominal pain. The implantable pump I have is for pain connected to the spine as that is where the catheter leaks the narcotic. I have my doubts about implanted stimulators. If I had abdominal pain I'd see about my digestion and my diet. What specialist deals with those issues and do they recommend implantable devices? I'd be interested to know.