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4 days ago · Why Genetic Testing for Mental Health Meds is Important in Depression & Anxiety

GeneSight testing could tell you if perhaps you were taking a drug you couldn't metabolize and show you one you can. Google it a learn more. I found it very usefull

Thu, May 21 10:39pm · Pain and depression, the one two punch. in Chronic Pain

Yes I was tested and evaluated for a spinal implant but was rejected from this option due to the trial. The pump gives me the best relief I've veer had. Prior to it's implant I was getting huge quantities of oral narcotics that were not very effective but which made me stupid and very very constipated.

Thu, May 21 2:28pm · Why Genetic Testing for Mental Health Meds is Important in Depression & Anxiety

Many of us did use kinetic testing to avoid the hit-and-miss process with psychotropic meds. I think some doctors are insecure having a test tell them what they should prescribe for their patients. You can go to the website and put in your zip code and they will furnish you a list of doctors who will administer the test and explain the results. Then you can take it to your clinic and you are doctor and have it made a part of your permanent medical record. When doctors see these reports they understand that this is something they should be doing because of the wealth of information, page after page after page, detailing how you will metabolize three different classes of drugs is just invaluable.

Thu, May 21 2:26pm · Pain and depression, the one two punch. in Chronic Pain

You should never feel guilty about the appropriate use of pain meds. People who became addicted to pain medication became addicted because they took enough to get high. Their doctors are not responsible unless they prescribed such high levels that people got wasted and became addicted. There should be no more guilt associated with taking pain medication that is associated with taking an antihistamine or an anti-inflammatory or any other medicine. You Are Not Alone. There are thousands of us in the same situation. I'm doing everything I can to change this and I won't stop until I do.

Thu, May 21 2:22pm · Pain and depression, the one two punch. in Chronic Pain

I'm sorry to hear this. That's so unfair. They're giving you that urinalysis to prove that you're actually taking your drugs and not selling them and that you're not using any illegal drugs which would point you out as a drug addict. It is actually a good thing and you should encourage your doctor to continue that practice. It gives the doctor some cover should he be accused of giving out too many drugs to the wrong people. About cost, have you asked your insurance company what narcotic they would cover ? It seems odd that they don't want to pay for dilaudid because it's one of the cheapest medicines that we have.

I take Dilaudid too but I get mine from an intrathecal pump surgically implanted in my belly. I take between 4 and 5 mg per 24 hours. That's a small dose but it is 100 to 300 times more effective than taking it orally. It also prevents the side effects of grogginess and constipation. Better yet as I can't touch these drugs I can't alter the way I take them I can't sell them it puts me Beyond reproach in the eyes of the doctor's as not being a drug addict. Search these chats under my handle wsh66. I've written quite a bit about the pump. The four milligrams is automatic. The other milligram is divided into 10 doses that I can give myself, one an hour over 24 hours. My doctor also continues a small oral dose for later in the day when the rest of the medication is not adequate to deal with my increasing pain. The only downside is I can see is I will have to have a surgery every five to seven years to replace my pump and I have to drive down to M Health, about an hour away, once every 10 weeks to have the old medicine removed and new medicine put into my pump via a small needle. We need to find a better solution to this crisis than just cutting off people whose lives were saved by getting pain medication.

Tue, May 19 7:24pm · Lyrica in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I have and so has my son. It's easy cheap and very useful. I found out there was a better drug for me and he learned his present drug was good choice. This is huge. So many people bounce from drug to drug based on what has worked for other patients. The testing guarantees nothing except the fact that your body will be able to metabolize what your taking. If you can't metabolize it, (digest it), it can't help you. The testing also tells you if you will .metabolize so quickly you'll have take larger doses more often or that you will metabolize it so slowly that you should take smaller does less often. Your Doc needs to make that judgement but at least he/she will have the data needed to make that call.

Here is the link. Check it out. It's really easy. My insurance covered it and my sons MA paid for his. I'd have gladly paid the $330.00 maximum fee. This is really big. Mayo has now developed it's own version. Please, try it. No I don't work for either company. I've just watched many friends suffer or have awful experiences with drugs that didn't work for them


Wed, May 20 2:25pm · Depression: What medication can I try after so many years? in Depression & Anxiety

I am amazed that you did so well with lithium. Not surprised by the success but the lack of side effects. I've known several people, artists who kept going off lithium because it killed their creativity and sex drive, both of which are of tantamount importance to artists. I'm glad to hear that news. For years, manic depression was considered the most dreaded form of depression because lithium was what worked and that it had those side effects. Live and learn.

Wed, May 20 1:01pm · Depression: What medication can I try after so many years? in Depression & Anxiety

Anyone who needs these meds and/or pain meds could benefit from GeneSite testing.