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Mon, Nov 4 3:52pm · pain in my breastbone, ribs and chest in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I don’t think so as it has been going on for years now, but thanks

Wed, Oct 30 2:37pm · pain in my breastbone, ribs and chest in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I have had every test there is on my stomach to find out what this pain is. I kept saying it wasn’t my stomach. Someone told me it may be Costochondritis and I looked it up and think it may be. The only thing is, this has been going on for years, not days, weeks or months. How do I find out exactly what this is. My Dr. isn’t sending me to anyone else and isn’t requesting any more tests. Should I see some kind of Specialist? I can’t breathe properly and am in pain most of the time. The pain is where the breastbone meets up with the ribs. I hope someone understands and ca shed some light on this for me. Thanks very much

Wed, Oct 30 2:28pm · pain in lower back near my spine in Spine Health

My Dr. told me that there is nothing that can be done about this pain except PT. The pain is in the lower right in my back near my spine. She called it something which I don’t remember, but she said it is a joint that doesn’t move and arthritis sets in. Dose this make any sense to anyone? The pain goes right down into my right leg and boy does it ever hurt to walk.Any ideas anyone?

Wed, Oct 30 2:22pm · I need a TKR: Do I do it, or go as long as I can? in Joint Replacements

I was told in January of this year that I need a TKR as there is bone rubbing on bone, no cartilage in my left knee. I was seen by an Orthopaedic surgeon in a hospital and I saw the x-ray myself. My question is this. I can still walk, although my knee gives out sometimes, I have a throbbing pain constantly and I do have some troubling walking. I can’t walk far. What should I do? Should I book the operation? Should ?I let it go for a while longer? What will be the outcome if wait? I am 78 now and really don’t want to go through with this, but am worried that I may end up in a wheelchair not being able to walk. I am also about 50 lbs. overweight. I have a bad back also. I would appreciate any suggestions.

Wed, Jun 26 3:41pm · Chronic Stomach, chest and back pain in Digestive Health

I realize it been a long time. So sorry. I have not had my cardiovascular system evaluated. I should ask the Cardiologist about this.

Fri, Mar 29 1:35pm · pain with sleep apnea in Sleep Health

I did go to see a breathing Dr. and he told me he saw something on the chest x-ray, but not to worry about it. That was four years ago. I haven't had a chest x-ray since then. I have tried Tecta, Lansoprazole and another one whose name I can't remember. So I have been on 3 different PPI's and they haven't helped me really. What else can I do now? Thanks for your advice.

Thu, Mar 28 2:09pm · pain with sleep apnea in Sleep Health

Hi Merry,
I had been diagnosed with Gerd about three years ago and was on a PPI medication. The GI Dr. thought this would stop my pain, but it hasn't. I don't know if the gerd did some permanent damage to me. I also have a small hiatus hernia, but it doesn't seem to give me a problem. Perhaps these things have done permanently damage to my stomach, chest etc. I am going to a pain clinic in May and I will tell this Dr. that I cannot live with this pain anymore. He is the one who put me on the CBD oil as a last resort to my pain. It isn't doing anything for me now.

Tue, Mar 26 3:12pm · pain with sleep apnea in Sleep Health

Hello John,
Thanks for your advice and input on my chest pain. I am glad you like my name. It is what I strive to be every single day of my life. I for sure will check out the sites you have mentioned to me to look at. I hope I find some info there.