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Thu, May 23 10:49am · CBD oil and depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

This is a very old thread, that I just stumbled on.

I emphatically will state that high purity CBD Oil and Salve have worked miracles for me.

My blood pressure has dropped about 25 points in the one month that I've been on CBD Oil. My hip bursitis is gone. My ugly dark spotted sun/age forearms are very nice again, even two doctors/dermatologists have emphatically said that they will ALWAYS look that ugly way.

I've read quite a bit about CBD, in that research and testimonials state that it will help anxiety, autism, depression, Alzheimer's, much, much more.

The key is to buy only high purity, high quality. There's a bunch of cheap, diluted stuff being sold. Amazon won't even list the CBD purity in the many"hemp" products if sells.

CBD is legal in all 50 states, but is not regulated anywhere. Hence, cheap imitation stuff.

Feb 4, 2018 · Keeping my blood pressure low in Heart & Blood Health

I’m not 100% sure that it’s working for, but it’s the best thing yet, so I am do-ing that. Actually, although my doctor is nonplussed, I believe that that all the medical team, including me, are about all equally nonplussed.

But my doctor did confirm some of my personal conclusions, and did not disagree with any. He agreed that CO2 is a much better vasodilator than NOx, and said that it’s entirely plausible that breathing for a few minutes with a paper bag over my head could lower my blood pressure.

I also had a good conversation with the Physician’s Assistant. She was very informed about blood pressure mechanisms. So I asked her what causes Diastolic pressure to go up. Or down. She quickly said that no one knows, and discussed a recent medical symposium in Geneva, in which Diastolic pressure was a major topic of discussion. Although several theories were brought up, there was insufficient data/research/answers to reach a conclusion among the experts.

I told her that I had a theory, at at least half a theory. She was intrigued, maybe. I said that I believed that my Diastolic Pressure moved up/down first and that my Systolic pressure had to change to keep a constant blood flow. That part was my half theory. The other half was the mystery body mechanism that caused my Diastolic pressure to go up or down.

Her reply was that my theory was indeed interesting and that it was just as good as the other Diastolic pressure theories. So, both doctor and PA sorta confirmed by theories and definitely did not disagree.

So, where does that leave me for now ?

More on my feet.

Feb 4, 2018 · Keeping my blood pressure low in Heart & Blood Health

I did go see my doctor, took all of my data with me. The BP data clearly showed that my BP would rise significantly, and that I could get it back down quickly if I 1) walked or jogged for a bit or 2) drank a few ounces of red wine. The BP would go from 115 Systolic to 165 Systolic with same change in Diastolic. And it would go back down to “normal” with exercise or wine.

My doctor was very nonplussed. I go back on Monday for more lab work. But he frankly said that he did not believe the lab work would reveal any significant problems.

So, I have now refined my theory – my belief. I have determined that simply STANDING will keep my BP low. I really don’t need to walk or run. But if I SIT DOWN, my BP will increase, significantly. I am typing this on my computer as I am standing. I have purchased a standing desk. My BP right now is 107/75 st 83. All morning, by mostly standing, moving.

Jan 31, 2018 · Keeping my blood pressure low in Heart & Blood Health

A few ago, I mentioned 3 ways that would reduce my blood pressure very quickly. a) Brisk one mile walk or jog, b) 3 oz of red wine, c) paper bag over head for a few minutes. I am not saying that these will work for everyone, but they very repeatedly work for me. 1 of the 3 at one time, not all three together.

So, I’d like to comment again on the brisk exercise. I am in very good health, walk 10,000 steps/day, about the right weight for my height. And 72 years old male.

I often take my blood pressure several times per day, since I am very interested in what causes it to increase or decrease. I’m a retired engineer. We love data.

I have repeat data that shows my blood pressure will increase significantly if I don’t get off the chair for a couple of hours. My BP this morning increased from approximately 117/70 to 138/88 after two hours of working on the computer. I then got up and lightly jogged for 20 minutes. After 10 minutes of rest, my BP was back to the 117/70 range. All at the same pulse rate.

I guess that could be from “re-limbering-up” my arteries. They got stiff, needed to loosen up. I really don’t know for sure. It does work.

I have another unscientific belief, and no one yet has said that I am stupid for thinking this. I believe that “something” causes my Diastolic pressure to increase when I am inactive, and of course, my Systolic pressure has to increase to keep the same blood flow. My △P (pulse pressure) stays about the same since my arteries are not clogged (!) but the hydraulics of fluid flow say that my systemic blood system needs this higher Systolic pressure to keep the same blood flow.

Thank you,


Jan 28, 2018 · My 3 ways to immediately lower my blood pressure - wine is one in Heart & Blood Health

I definitely misspoke. My Diastolic target is about 75 or so. I was talking about one, but quoted the other.

Jan 28, 2018 · My 3 ways to immediately lower my blood pressure - wine is one in Heart & Blood Health

Martin,Thanks for the reply.
My primary interest is how best to keep my Diastolic pressure low, 125 or less. I mentioned CO2 because I saw more than one site stating that higher levels of CO2  dilated the arteries, keeping BP lower. Breathing into a bag seemed to work for me, although a very unscientific test. I remain focused on how best to keep my Diastolic pressure from rising, thereby also causing my Systolic pressure to increase, maintaining the same pulse pressure to keep a constant blood flow

Jan 28, 2018 · My 3 ways to immediately lower my blood pressure - wine is one in Heart & Blood Health

This morning my BP was 117/67 after waking. Very good.
Yesterday morning my BP was 151/96 after waking. Kinda bad.

Pulse rate about the same. No morning medicine, exercise, wine, for those first readings. I woke up in good spirits, good night’s sleep, good day before, on both occasions. Yet there was a big difference in BP. I wish I knew why.

Why do I believe that Diastolic BP is the problem ? Because it apparently “leads” my BP up or down. The differential pressure between DP and SP (pulse pressure as doctors term it) is about the same, and normal, which would say to me that artery/arteriole tightness is not a problem. If it were, then my pulse pressure would increase with higher BPs, my SP would go up, but the DP could stay about the same.

That is also the reason why I don’t think my Lisinopril is helpful, since its purpose is to make the arteries and arterioles less rigid.

No, I have not sought help in depth. My doctor just basically treats the prescribed way. I go into his office, take my BP, he says it’s better or worse, and adjusts Lisinopril accordingly. And the nurse is always jabbering, asking questions, when she takes my BP.

But I have learned a lot about my daily cycle of BP, and have significant data on the numbers, since my last doctor visit. The next time I see him, I will ask more in depth. My BP problem is obviously more complex than either a) clogged arteries or b) rigid arteries.

Martin, thanks much for your comments. They are very helpful.

By the way, I forgot to include the link about the benefit of higher CO2 in arterial blood. I Googled this morning, found the link but also found other links which apparently stated that BP goes up with higher CO2.

This is the “CO2 is good” link, which includes this comment — ‘Since CO2 is the most potent vasodilator’ Wait, the forum won’t let me post links. The website is normalbreathing dot com. The tab is CO2 Effects.

Another question – Does anyone from Mayo itself check the discussions on this forum, or is just us civilians ?

Thanks — Have a great day, low BP included.


Jan 27, 2018 · My 3 ways to immediately lower my blood pressure - wine is one in Heart & Blood Health

I’d like to thank both of you who gave me excellent replies. I “guess” it’s good to know that others have higher BP in the morning.

But I do need to correct an illogical conclusion I made. I am a Chemical Engineer. Logic is very important to me.

Here is my corrected logic. Feel free to discuss/disagree.

Even though I take it, Lisinopril does not help my BP. Because my higher morning BP is not caused by my artery tightness. If it were my pulse pressure (the difference between Diastolic and Systolic) would be higher in the morning. It is not.

My BP does go up in the morning, but that increase is caused by my Diastolic pressure going up, not because my arteries are stiff and not opened properly. The Systolic pressure does increase only because it takes that much pressure to overcome the higher Diastolic pressure.

So why does my Diastolic pressure go up, at various times, including in the morning? I have absolutely no idea. What cases the systemic system to increase in resting pressure? Any thoughts ?

Regarding CO2, this article and others agree that it is a powerful vasodilator.

But I also realize that I am just guessing, and arguing both sides. Why would I care about a better vasodilator if I believe the root cause is a higher Diastolic pressure. How would improved vasodilation decrease the Diastolic pressure ?

Thank you again.