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Jan 23, 2018 · Questions regarding total hip replacement in Joint Replacements

I can sure relate to all these people with all that pain and it is sad that the medical profession does nothing to help. I have only one hip and
when they took it out they said I would be in pain the rest of my life. They do not know why and they told me they know how to get rid of staph
infection but do not know how to keep it away. Like HELLO.sorry I don”t understand, I went to a Hollistic clinic and it was gone in a month and has not
returnd. However I am greatfull because I still get around with my walker on 4 wheels(no brakes but that is ok) I still drive car and pickup. I am not on
meds of any kind and at 88 I am as good as some and better than most but would like to be able to walk without the walker . i lost my right hand
2 inches above my wrist in a sawmill and have been like this for 70 years..i have a scooter to do yard work and i mounted a leaf blower on front
to blow the sidewalks in winter and a ride on lawnmower for summer. Anyway DETERMINATION. DonO