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Jan 15, 2018 · If you're living without a hip like me, please reach out to me..... in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Hi my name is heather I had two hip relplacements on left hip after the second one I got an infection and had to have another opperation to clean out the wind and it was packed with antibiotics when I went home after that operation I fell and shattered my pelvis on left side they took out the hardware and placed a spacer and the plan was to remove the spacer and put hardware back but be for that the Dr took fluid from my hip and said there is bacteria there no infection but he said that he couldn’t put hardware back and completely took out the spacer which has left me with no hip joint at all on left side. I was walking somewhat because after everything my left side was still my stronger side. But last week I got sick and was in bed for a few days. Saturday I tyres to get up and had lost a lot of strength in my left leg and my arms. It scares me because I can hardly get up now I have had 7 surgeries on right leg also so that is not strong eather