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Dec 29, 2019 · Anyone have a positive Cologuard test? in Colorectal Cancer

Hi, I just wanted to drop in and update. I had my colonoscopy this past Friday. I had to go local, as Mayo informed me, there were no openings for me even after 6 weeks of waiting to hear back. Mayo did suggest I consider a local gastroenterologist since I was tested positive and waited so long. Well, so glad I did, as all went super smooth and quick. My dr did remove 2 small polyps which await biopsy results. Dr, did comment that he doesn't suspect anything concerning. I cannot express the relief I feel after 2 months of carrying this burden. I just wanted to drop in and update. Special thanks to Colleen for your kind replies.

Nov 23, 2019 · Anyone have a positive Cologuard test? in Colorectal Cancer

Colleen, this my 2nd attempt to answer your reply..seems it disappeared. Yes, I'll go through Mayo since I'm already an existing patient there. I live about 100 miles south of Jax Mayo Clinic. My care team has put orders in G.I. dept, on the 13th, but nothing has been scheduled yet. They said keep trying, so I called again yesterday, and still nothing scheduled. This coming week will be going on 2 weeks. I'm praying this doesn't get dragged out much longer. I'm not taking this well at all!!! Besides, I DREAD the tests!!

Nov 21, 2019 · Anyone have a positive Cologuard test? in Colorectal Cancer

My test results came back positive. I asked what did it show, because they test for 11 different cancers or categories. They said, it just states either negative or positive for cancer. I had problems a few years back and did a colonoscopy, which came back ok. Now this!! I'm reading theres a 13 percent chance of false positive. Right now I'm extremely distraught about having to go through all Consults, tests, and dreaded preps. Orders are in for Consult with gastro, but they're booked out through January or February in Mayo. I have not received any notice for appointment yet. Dont know what to think or do.

Nov 21, 2019 · 13 cancerous lymph nodes not detected on imaging in Breast Cancer

I have to agree with @sandyjr …about tests results as good as tech's or drs reading them. Verrrrry scary. I was very sick a few years back, 2015, right side abdominal pain and fever…several visits to drs and then E.R. cat scans etc.
. No dr or tech found the problem…then 5 weeks later I dragged myself into a surgeon and he detected enlarged lymph nodes in my groin. I lost 7 lbs in 2 weeks. He removed the lymph nodes, tested benign, but enlarged. Suggested a colonoscopy, which I did, again dr doesn't know what's wrong. Now, as some here may have read, I was back for a repeat mamogram and ultrasound on the 12th of this month. Two spots of concern look benign but are of concern..repeat mamogram in 6 mos. The very next day, I'm trying to get over the testing and stress, I recieved a call from my local dr..my colon test came back positive for cancer!!. Now I have to go through all this AGAIN! My husband insisted I go through Mayo this time, since I'm already an existing patient there for pre-myeloma, mgus. I feel smacked down and broken, to say the least. I realize there are false positives, but I still have to take this dreaded road of more tests, tubes, anesthesia, and the dreaded prep. Hubby cried, hes afraid…God told him take courage. So yes…let's hope we all get great Drs, we trust our health with. Been over a week I called my oncologist at Mayo. They put orders in to a gastrointerologist, but I've not gotten an appointment yet. Trying hard to stay upright.

Nov 12, 2019 · Findings in recent mamogram?? in Breast Cancer

@elizm …these new tests are done at Mayo clinic. I dont think I'd return to previous since they hadn't given any alert, nor did my local dr address any further tests. With that said, they report it was difficult to detect any abnormalities with my dense breasts. So, I guess I'll continue with Mayo

Nov 12, 2019 · Findings in recent mamogram?? in Breast Cancer

Hi ladies, had my repeat mamogram, followed by ultrasound. There are 2 spots of concern, but likely benign. Could be overlapping tissue. Didnt show up on ultrasound. Will repeat tests in 6 months. Dr said they were there last test, over a year ago. They did comparison of that, which was done at another clinic, and said they are much more distinct now, so that's why they looked further. Sadly, I wasn't told about any findings from that test last year at another clinic. …or maybe it didn't look concerning??

Nov 7, 2019 · Findings in recent mamogram?? in Breast Cancer

@trixie1313 , I'm sorry you're going through this, and had surgeries. It's such a hard path to encounter. I sincerely hope your next mamogram in January is free and clear. I just hate that period until final diagnosis is in. It can be a mental battle until we learn to squash it.

Nov 6, 2019 · Findings in recent mamogram?? in Breast Cancer

@elsie37 , thank you for your encouragement. So wonderful your ok!
I've been a patient at Mayo for several years, other issues. I think they take precautions with me, but yes, they are absolutely thorough…no stone unturned. Sometimes I get annoyed because I ALWAYS get called back for further tests. This mamogram is my 1st there, and I'm told its pretty common they may want a repeat mamogram. I have an appointment Tuesday Nov, 12th…mamogram and ultrasound. I'm not afraid…been down these paths of tests, and worrying or running progressions wreaks havoc on me! I'm not entertaining negative thoughts when all may be well. Should anything be wrong…I'll cross that bridge then. All said, none of this is easy, and I'm kinda aggravated.