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Mar 14, 2018 · CBD oil and depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

Hello everyone..
I am totally unknowledgeable when it comes to legal marijuana as far as how it effects you etc..i did experiment for a time with the illegal stuff way back when but have absolutely no real knowedge of this herb used medicinally except the litte i hear here and there. I did find a few “licensed pot doctors” here in New York who supposedely paid in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to obtain those credientials to administer governnment cards to buy it and charge up to $350 per visit to get. Ive also heard the tch which gets you high is removed so you are only using the herb or medicine. If your state has stores that sell it do you need a governmment card? I am liking the sound of the living water used for anxiety and pain but am alittle skeptical about the whole thing and where to buy it.. im sure the good ole fda is having a hissy fit if what they say is true will replace alot of the crap they try to get you on that is ALMOST next to impossible to get off! Any input would be appreciated

Mar 8, 2018 · Pulmonary Fibrosis* in Lung Health

Or if you just need my email i can give you that too.. sometimes they make things so difficult on this thing : )

Mar 8, 2018 · Pulmonary Fibrosis* in Lung Health

I have an ipad and an itune app.. does that help?

Mar 8, 2018 · Pulmonary Fibrosis* in Lung Health

How very kind of you Linda, i would appreciate it so much.. thank you.. big hugs back to you

Mar 7, 2018 · Pulmonary Fibrosis* in Lung Health

Dear LLwortman..your posting was so uplifting and hopeful.. i have realized that when i think of it I can control my breathing and to replace worry full anxiety thoughts wth breathing right thoughts helps so very much.. where can you get Dr Snood’s tape that teaches you what seems like all the right things you need to know. I Am so happy for you to hear all of your wonderful accomplishments and the positiviness just oozes from your words.. thank you so much for sharing that with us..

Mar 4, 2018 · The Use of a Trilogy Machine in Lung Health

No none at all .. as a matter of fact when i read it i had to go on google to look it up..

Feb 2, 2018 · Just wanted to say hello. Have congestive heart failure & COPD in Lung Health

Hi Lorraine
Its very frustrating when your hands dont work the way they used to..especially if you’ve done crafts your whole life..its hard to let things go.. and to also remember you cant do that any more.. i ordered a book on whittleing and luckily i remembered while there was still time to cancel the order. I had made real pretty wood carved santa face ornaments many years ago and thought, i would try something like that for next Christmas-maybe angels this time.. but then remembered .. not a good idea!! I had signed one of those petitions from about getting Virginia to change the laws to protect the animals when it gets so cold like this not to tie or tether them outside…a few of them froze and it was so upsetting to hear, i figured even though these furbabies are in a warm shelter i would get back to making blankets for them to lie on..I have soooo much yarn left over from when i made bears, that i feel good its getting made into something helpful again..instead of just being stored in those big plastic storage bins..
Yes I agree… YOU be your sweeties girlfriend (which you are already] birds so enjoy their people!!!! they do all these little special things to impress them and are so happy when your there with them. So to risk losing that im glad you decided against getting him a buddy..we can be their best buddies, they give us such joy in return…
i basically joined wanting to connect with people whose lives have changed alot in getting older for one reason or another, not so much in getting info but happy it is there if take good care.. and give that sweet talking little guy a snuggle from me.. 🙂

Feb 1, 2018 · Just wanted to say hello. Have congestive heart failure & COPD in Lung Health

Hello Lorraine
Thank you so much for thinking of me.. ive been okay thank you, you know how it goes one day up the next not so much… ive been reading the notes that have come thru but I have also been trying to get a few blankets done for the local animal shelter furbabies… i feel so bad that the weather has been so cold and that I cant knit or crochet as fast as i used to. I did make alot last year when my arms worked better…been trying to use up the yarn i used to make the bears with.
Nomally i think getting a girlfriend for your sweet boy would be a wonderful idea.. i always feel two of everything makes sense but with birds i think there might be consequences
1. A baby bird which needs certain things in the cage or
2. he might get very attached to her and not be as loveable to you.or even stop talking…
google parakeets and read up on it if you can.. i think when i had my swet boy many moons ago, i read that somewhere.. dont quote me or take my word for it because its been so long but i think the same sex might be a better idea.. let me know if you have any luck finding information if not ill try and help and send what i find to you.. hope you are feeling good.. talk to you soon 🙂 take good care..