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4 days ago · Night pain in Chronic Pain

I will call my doctor to see how to come off gabapentin. Thank you all for your help.

5 days ago · Night pain in Chronic Pain

My husband uses CBD &THC at bedtime and it has really helped him sleep. He usually has pain from neuropathy that keeps him awake but this combination keeps him pain free. I use it during the day as I take 300mg of gabapentin at bedtime and I read you can't take CBD & THC with it. I am having a lot of pain at night – especially in my hands. Do you know if CBD & Gabapentin together cause problems? Thanks

Wed, Mar 25 8:01am · Asthma and Interstitial lung disease in Lung Health

Yes I have an inhaler but the PA said the Dr. would rather I use the nebulizer and only use the inhaler in an emergency. I have AFIB and am on nebulizer medicine that only raises my BP. I have high BP too but it isn't going too high. My inhaler isn't supposed to affect my heart either. I take BREO 100 too and once I use up the 100 I go on BREO 200. I need to lose weight as I am sure it would help but my second son just lost his job so I am still eating chocolate! My husband doesn't think I have bad asthma or ILD. I guess the Dr. just likes ordering nebulizers etc. I think he is confused as the last time I was in the hospital they kept saying my lungs sounded good. I went to the ER and was in trauma 1 and then spent 6 days in the hospital with breathing treatments every 4 hours. I also don't understand how my lungs sounded good! Do any of you know why they would say that?

Tue, Mar 24 10:14am · Asthma and Interstitial lung disease in Lung Health

I see my doc in May but he also works in the ICU so I hope he doesn't cancel. I did ask the PA and she said to use the nebulizer as needed. She said it's recommended use is every 6 hours but she wants me to use it if I have any chest congestion. I do have costochronditis and that causes pain and pressure in my chest. I have had these symptoms for 2 years and the doctors say it shouldn't be costochronditis as it has lasted too long. She said there is no treatment for ILD and to just treat my asthma. She said to not get stressed as it will make it worse. Let's see my son just lost his job and he has 2 kids, the corona virus attacks elderly and people who have asthma. He has asthma. My grandson lost his job and his father might lose his. No stress? Sorry to vent. I am sure every one is going through stuff like this. thanks for your help.

Mon, Mar 23 5:37am · Asthma and Interstitial lung disease in Lung Health

Does anyone have some ideas about ILD- like how to help the symptoms? I always have pressure on my chest but I only use the nebulizer when my breathing gets really bad. I guess that is asthma but is the constant pressure ILD? Thanks Joan

Mon, Mar 16 4:42am · Asthma and Interstitial lung disease in Lung Health

I only have seen the PA and she has increased my Breo 100 to Breo 200. She said the doctor wanted my asthma under control and to have the HRTC in May and then he would see me and discuss the disease. She said there was no treatment but there are some studies. With the coronavirus, I am staying home as much as possible. I am going to PT as I have gotten a stabbing pain in my head where the pin site (gamma surgery) infection was located. My PC ordered an MRI and she thinks is arthritis in my neck. But now I am afraid to go to PT and will cancel my appointments. The breathing issues have me really worried.

Sun, Mar 15 7:37am · Asthma and Interstitial lung disease in Lung Health

I just had a pulmonary function test and it showed that my asthma was worse and my COPD is actually ILD. An ex-ray for bronchitis showed prominent markings for ILD. I am on a nebulizer to be used in the am and every 6 hours as necessary. With the Corona virus and having AFIB. PVC’s, Sjogrens, plus severe arthritis, a meningioma, fibromyalgia etc. I am afraid to go out. My lung doc said the ILD is caused by Sjogrens. Is there anyone on this group who has ILD and are you on any treatment. I am getting out of breath more often. I am 75. I will have a HRCT in May and see my lung doc the end of May to see how bad it is. I have looked on Google and it really scares me. I have to wait to May as they want my asthma under control before I have the HRCT. Thanks for your help.

Thu, Feb 6 7:45am · Lump by screw from gamma knife surgery, anyone else? in Brain Tumor

Hi Jill, I have found medical marijuana to help me a lot. In Florida, you have to go to a Dr. who is approved by the State. You have to bring all your medical records and he reviews them to see if you qualify for medical marijuana. It sounds like she would get approved. Here's the bad stuff- the Dr. visit is not covered by ins and the first one is $240. You have to see him/her every 7 months in order to keep your license which is renewed yearly for $80. The Dr. will write out all the CBD & THC that he/she thinks you should use. I was so lucky and when I went to a State approved dispensary, I requested a consultation as I felt the Dr. had ordered too much of THC and the doc said I should vape even though I have COPD, asthma and interstitionial lung disease. The 23 yr old consult had been on medical marijuana for 8 years- it's only been legal for 1 year! He really knew his stuff and said to "go low and slow". So I took his advice and it has been wonderful. I take .5cc of CBD that has a very small amount of THC in it. The doc had said to take 20cc of CBD & THC! I would not have been able to function. I take my dose as needed which is daily. It does not make me high and takes the pain away. The neurosurgeon who did my gamma surgery told me to bring it with me to the surgery. I had just started on it and the nurse said you cannot "OD on CBD". I took it before the gamma surgery as my lung doc said I couldn't take versed to relax while in the machine. It relaxed me and I even dozed off! Then when they took the helmet off, they had me take 2cc of it to take away the nausea and headache and it did! It takes about 20 minutes to start feeling the effects so if I am having a really painful day, I will take .5cc every 4 hours or earlier if necessary. I have never taken "drugs/pot" in my life but it has made my life so much better. My husband has really bad neuropathy in his feet and nothing has worked so I convinced him to try my CBD and he takes .3cc at night and sleeps pain free. I am his supplier!!! I really think it's worth trying. If medical marijuana isn't legal in Georgia, my niece uses Charlottes Web which you can purchase on line. She uses the capsules and says it works. My "consult James" said the small amount of THC makes the CBD work better. Yesterday, I had PT for my head and back and I took CBD at 8am, 12pm & 3 pm and other than tired, I had only mild pain. She said I would have pain has she massaged/dug into my back and shoulder and it hurt. She is trying to get some blood flowing in those areas. Of course my fibro was flaring and with storms coming tonight, I would have been unable to do anything and would have been in really bad pain. It costs $90 for 600cc's and that will last me about 6 weeks. I have had some days when I don't need it and I have not have any withdrawal symptoms. I also have rubbed it into my arm where the fibro acts up- especially when I am on the computer. It takes the pain away. I also have degenerative discs, sciatica, spinal stenosis etc. so it should help her. I hope you sister can get it. I hope I didn't write too much and confuse you. Take care Joan