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2 days ago · Feeling at my wits end with Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia in Chronic Pain

I also have severe fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis plus Sjogrens syndrome. My orthopedic ordered an MRI to check for bone cancer as my mother died of it. It showed arthritis in every joint. It's even attacking my new artificial hip. He then checked me for fibromyalgia and I responded to all the trigger sites. He said it was the worse case he had ever seen! I am taking medical marijuana- CBD with a .2mg of THC. I buy them separately and sometimes don't add the THC. I buy from a reputable firm and it has really helped. Last Jan. I had Gamma surgery for a meningioma and when the helmet was removed the headache and nausea was awful. The nurse had me take 1mg of CBD (they had told me to take it with me) and it got rid of the nausea almost immediately and the headache in about 30 minutes. I have COPD (never smoked), asthma, and AFIB. My pulmonologist told me to take the CBD to relax me when I had the gamma laser surgery as he was concerned about the type of drugs they were going to give me. The CBD really helped to relax me and it helps with the pain.. If you decide to buy it make sure the firm is reputable. Rely on the CBD consultants to help you decide on the dosage. In FL you have to go the a marijuana approved Dr. and then he/she will notify the State that you have the qualifying diseases and then you pay the State for your license. I am not happy with the marijuana Dr. as he gave me a list of things that I should take. He listed vaping (never with COPD), and 20mg of THC. I take .2 mg. BIG difference. The consultant said 20mg was way too high. He told me to take more CBD and a little THC. Their motto " Start low and go slow". Also my husband has really bad neuropathy from diabetes. He has started taking .4 mg of CBD and he can now sleep without pain in his legs. I hope this helps. Good luck.

4 days ago · Occipital Neuralgia in Brain & Nervous System

Thank you all for your advice and explanations of your ON. I truly never thought it could be related to my spine. So far it's bearable. I will keep your suggestions in mind if it gets worse. Thanks again. Joan

5 days ago · Occipital Neuralgia in Brain & Nervous System

I have been having headaches on one side of my head and have recently been diagnosed with occipital neuralgia. They recommend a nerve bloc but I wonder anyone else has this and how they handle it.. I don't want a nerve bloc. The headaches are usually mild but occasionally the pain wakes me up. They got worse after I had my Gamma surgery. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.

Fri, Sep 6 9:06am · Essential tremors in Brain & Nervous System

Thank you everyone for some great ideas- I will try the tapping on my leg. Sorry I haven't responded sooner but I developed an infection at the pin site from my gamma surgery last Jan! I have a low immune system and that doesn't help. The neuro surgeon's PA's are fixing me. On the ET, my writing is not good and like you Mr. Thankful, I went to parochial schools and used to have good penmanship. I now use the computer to print out anything and then just sign my name. Checks are a problem but I am lucky as my husband writes them out. I did purchase from Amazon 2 very lightweight double handle mugs. They are stainless steel but look like regular mugs and I have bought plastic glasses for myself and my family so I can use them when I visit. I do take CBD with a little THC for my pain (from lots of other issues) and glad to hear it might help with the tremors. My left thumb no longer has any cartilage in the joint and I went to a hand surgeon to check it out. He wants to operate but I refused as the recuperation period is too long. I think that is contributing to the dropping of things. He said it was the ET. Now that the thumb has fully collapsed, it's not as painful. Does anyone have that issue and could it be related to my ET? Does anyone deal with occipital neuralgia? I just got diagnosed with it. I am just taking the Gabapentin. Originally it was for fibromyalgia but now I hope it helps with the ET. I was going to cut back on the dosage as I am putting on weight. My PC said weight gain is common with that drug. Have any of you had weight gain with it? Thanks for the help.

Tue, Sep 3 5:21am · Lump by screw for gamma knife surgery in Brain Tumor

My neuroogist said that neurosurgeons and neurologists are never worried about an empty sella. However, he said to check with my endocrinologist as it could be a sign of a pituitary issue. My endocrinologist has ordered blood tests to see if I have hypothyroidism. I am always cold, have put on weight and am very tired. Every female in my family has some form of thyroid issue so I might have it. Please keep checking your screw sites. Take care, Joan

Sat, Aug 31 5:17am · Lump by screw for gamma knife surgery in Brain Tumor

The PA said it could be as a result of my low immune system. She said we all have staff infection on our skin and even though I did what they said and washed my hair every day for 4 days after the gamma surgery, she said I could have gotten it then and I could have had this infection since the surgery. She doesn't know if it's a staff infection. So she put me on Cipro which is a broad spectrum antibiotic. I am lucky that my husband is putting on the betadine as I can't see it. Then I wait until it's dry- about 30 minutes. Then I wash it out. I don't know if it's the antibiotic, my other diseases (Sjogren's, fibromyalgia, Afib, osteoarthritis and more) or the infection but I feel awful. I have been running a low grade fever for many months and have had really bad fatigue but never connected it with the lump. Hopefully, the antibiotic will make me feel better. I live in Florida and I hope the hurricane goes out to sea so I can make my appointment on Thurs. Thanks for all your support.

Fri, Aug 30 8:48am · Lump by screw for gamma knife surgery in Brain Tumor

I called the neuro-surgeon and he requested pictures of the lump. He was going out of town but said I needed to be seen immediately. I saw the PA yesterday and I have an infection at the pin/screw site. The other sites are getting infected too. She said I have probably had it since the surgery last Jan. and it has just gotten progressively worse. Thank you for telling me to call them. I did go to my PC and she put me on a cortisone salve but I didn't take it. I decided to wait for my appointment with the PA. She was glad that I didn't use it as the cortisone would have slowed the healing. I think my PC thought it was dermatitis as it's been 81/2 months since the surgery! I am currently on 500 mg of Cipro twice a day for 7 days and a betadine swab for the days I wash my hair. I see her again in a week. If it's not 100% then she will order a CT scan and see if it has progressed even further. I didn't ask what will happen if it has. Thanks again for the advice.

Sat, Aug 24 9:49am · Lump by screw for gamma knife surgery in Brain Tumor

Like you all suggested, my neurologist said to contact my neuro-surgeon. He said he knows nothing about Gamma surgery. He was more concerned about my tremors. He said they should be really bad in 3 years and then he would put me on something! I am not going back to him.