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Sun, Jul 19 8:50am · Costochondritis and lung problems in Lung Health

I got a telephone appointment with the PA and she said it was probably allergies and to take Allegra with my Montelukast. I reminded her that I have Sjogrens and don't want to get drier. I have been tested for allergies by an immunologist and had no reaction to the first set of injections so he immediately repeated some of them. I had an anaphalactic reaction and he never said what caused it. It was scary. He did want me on drops but I refused. I got a report and it showed some allergies but nothing severe. He did diagnose me with a low IgA and IgM and no immunity to pneumonia even though I have had both shots. He did give me another pneumonia shot. I don't know if any of this could be connected to Alpha-1. I am still having the pain and breathing problems but not every day. I have to call the PA in a month and I will keep taking both allergy drugs. I don't seem to have all the symptoms of Alpha-1- that are listed but if I will talk to her about being tested. Thank you for keeping in touch.

Sat, Jul 11 7:11am · Costochondritis and lung problems in Lung Health

I am nebulizing about 3 times a week and taking my inhaler about once a week. I am on Breo 200 which has prednisone in it. I take it first thing in the morning and usually I can breathe better by 10 or so. I have been told by the pharmacist not to take any breathing treatments for 4 hours after taking Breo 200 . I did once and I was hyper. I will check with my lung doc on Monday and see what they say. Thank you.

Sat, Jul 11 7:06am · Costochondritis and lung problems in Lung Health

I will call my lung doc on Monday and see if he can test me for it. I looked up the symptoms and I have some of them. When I get a cold it always sends me to the hospital. COVID 19 has kept me away from people and I am very afraid of going to the hospital at this time. My father died of lung issues but he smoked. I have never smoked but I have mild COPD from second hand smoke. I really appreciate your information and I will let you know what the doctor says. Thank you.

Wed, Jul 8 11:05am · Costochondritis and lung problems in Lung Health

I have had costochronditis for 5 years now and with my asthma getting worse, I don’t know if it’s my lungs or what. My lung doc wants me to take my nebulizer more often as he thinks it is lung problems. I do take it and it helps a bit but it doesn’t go away. I talked with my cardiologist and he doesn’t want me to take any NSAIDS because of my AFIB and PVC’s. I had a cardiac catherization a few years ago and it was fine for my age! I am 76. I just wonder if any of you have every had this problem. Thanks for your help. Joan

Fri, Jul 3 6:46am · Newly Diagnosed With Meningioma: What can I expect with surgery? in Brain Tumor

I am so glad that you went to Mayo to be examined. My neuro-surgeon recommended Gamma Knife surgery and Jill -from this group- helped me through it. Please stay in touch and I will pray for a successful surgery and an easy recovery.

Tue, Jun 30 4:43am · Please help with sleep problems in Aging Well

My husband has severe neuropathy in his feet due to diabetes. He take 2 Gabapentin before bed and he still can't get to sleep until midnight. Then he is awake every hour. Any ideas on what he needs to do? I am very worried about him. He doesn't want to see his PC because of Covid 19. Thank you for your help.

Fri, May 29 6:26am · Asthma, Interstitial lung disease and mixed connective tissue disease in Lung Health

I do have confidence in my pulmonologist. I saw him yesterday and he explained that the HRCT does not show asthma or MCTD. Only an x-ray shows them. He had gone over the HRCT himself and the nodules it showed are benign and the non functioning lobe is not acute as I can function fine with 4 lobes. I still have asthma and MCTD- which is caused by Sjogrens. I shouldn't have bothered you. I should have just waited for my appointment. He did caution me about being super careful -wash my hands, wear a mask etc as I am at high risk for COVID 19. So all of us with lung issues need to be extra careful. Thanks for listening and stay safe.

Tue, May 26 6:49am · Asthma, Interstitial lung disease and mixed connective tissue disease in Lung Health

I will express my concerns with him on Thursday. He is very nice. I checked my reports and last June an x-ray showed prominent interstitial markings but the HRCT showed no lung involvement. Weird. I had wondered if someone else had the same diagnosis. I guess I will find out on Thursday. Thanks