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Mon, May 13 8:42am · Gamma Knife Radio Surgery for Meningioma in Brain Tumor

I called the neuro-surgeon because I had numbness now on the left side of my face and my heart rate was 104 most of the time. It fluctuates. The PA called back and said it wasn't related to the brain. She said to call my cardiologist. I got an appointment with the PA and she felt the heart rate was my AFIB but since I am on Eloquis she said the numbness was the brain. I told her that I get very weak after eating and feel like I am going to pass out. She said they were AFIB attacks. She doubled my metopropol and it made me feel awful. My heart rate is now in the 50's and 60's but I am very dizzy which the cardiologist thinks is related to my tumor. It seems like cardiology and neurology don't agree on anything. I am going to put up with everything for a few more weeks and then have my MRI. If anyone has any ideas, I would really appreciate it.

Mon, Apr 29 9:13am · Gamma Knife Radio Surgery for Meningioma in Brain Tumor

I had a six week follow-up with the radiologist and since the gamma surgery was on the left side, he didn't think it was related. I have my next MRI in June and then will see my neurosurgeon in July. I also see my PC in July. I just wondered if anyone else had these symptoms. It's weird.

Thu, Apr 25 12:10pm · Gamma Knife Radio Surgery for Meningioma in Brain Tumor

I have a meningioma that was hopefully taken care of by gamma surgery but I am getting some numbness and headaches but on the opposite side of the meningioma. Could this be related?

Tue, Mar 12 7:11am · Restless Leg in Brain & Nervous System

I take 3mg of melatonin at bedtime. My doc said I can go up to 6mg. I have had no side effects and once I get up in the morning, I am fine. It's working for me- no more restless legs.

Wed, Mar 6 11:53pm · Gamma Knife Radio Surgery for Meningioma in Brain Tumor

I had a meningioma lasered with gamma knife surgery on Jan 11, 2019 and am now having blurry, double vision when I wake up that lasts for about 15 minutes. Has anyone experienced this?

Tue, Mar 5 7:58am · Gamma knife for meningiomas in Brain Tumor

I had Gamma radiation on Jan 11 and had weird hazy/double vision this am. It was vertical and horizontal. I have had vertical double vision at night but this didn't resolve until I got up. Usually, it resolves after a few seconds. Have any of you had this? I already had my follow up with the radiologist but didn't have this at that time. Thanks

Sun, Jan 27 10:51am · The link between sleep apnea and AFib in Sleep Health

I have had sleep apnea for 5 years and faithfully wear a CPAC. A month ago I was diagnosed with AFIB.

Sun, Jan 20 9:43am · Cleaning your CPAP mask. in Sleep Health

When I first got my CPAC, I was told to take apart everything and wash the parts in warm, soapy water. Then air dry. I developed mold in the hose and my pulmonologist sent me for x-rays. I was lucky – no problem. Since I use white vinegar for cleaning, I decided to try that. Once a week, I submerge all the plastic parts of my CPAC in a very large, very clean pot that has 2 cups of vinegar in it and fill it to the top of the pan with very warm water. Before I submerge the parts, I run the vinegar and water through the hose etc. Then, I soak the parts for 45 minutes. After the soaking, run the vinegar and water through the big hose and the hose of my mask. While I am waiting, I wipe out as much of the machine as I can. Then I empty the pot and rinse all the parts in warm water- especially running the water through the hoses. I dry all the parts on a clean towel and hang the 6 ft hose by using a small hair tie to adhere it to a hanger that I hang on a door. The headpiece, I put on a rack. I have been doing this for 3 years now and have had no problems.