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1 day ago · New Patient appt in Minn soon for a Meniangioma (possibly 2) and RCC in Brain Tumor

I have one meningioma that was treated with Gamma Knife surgery Jan. 2019. I just went for my 6 month MRI and follow-up with my neuro-surgeon and the laser has stopped the meningioma from growing. If possible, I would ask about this type of surgery as it is done by using lasers and no cutting or anesthesia. Plus you only have discomfort for a day or two. My neuro-surgeon told me that I would know if it started growing again as I would have a really bad headache- so you are right in thinking they are causing the headaches. While I had the surgery, the woman in the room with me had multiple meningioma's and was having the Gamma surgery. When you see your doctor, ask about it. Good luck. Joan

Sun, Jun 16 8:20am · Watching a Meningioma Brain Tumor in Brain Tumor

I have a tumor above my left eye. It grew from 1cc to 2 cc in 6 months. My neurosurgeon gave me 3 options- wait, surgery or gamma ray knife surgery. I chose the gamma. He said there is a 96% chance it will stop it from growing. I will have my 6 month MRI on June 25 and will find out on July 9 if it worked. I do have tentacles that they might have to zap but I would do the gamma if it was an option. All you do is wear a helmet. It sounds awful as they screw the helmet into your head but they give you lidocaine it is not bad. Then after an MRI you go into the gamma machine and they use lasers to zap the tumor. There is very little discomfort. I will let you know if it worked. Ask your doc if it's an option

Mon, May 13 8:42am · Gamma Knife Radio Surgery for Meningioma in Brain Tumor

I called the neuro-surgeon because I had numbness now on the left side of my face and my heart rate was 104 most of the time. It fluctuates. The PA called back and said it wasn't related to the brain. She said to call my cardiologist. I got an appointment with the PA and she felt the heart rate was my AFIB but since I am on Eloquis she said the numbness was the brain. I told her that I get very weak after eating and feel like I am going to pass out. She said they were AFIB attacks. She doubled my metopropol and it made me feel awful. My heart rate is now in the 50's and 60's but I am very dizzy which the cardiologist thinks is related to my tumor. It seems like cardiology and neurology don't agree on anything. I am going to put up with everything for a few more weeks and then have my MRI. If anyone has any ideas, I would really appreciate it.

Mon, Apr 29 9:13am · Gamma Knife Radio Surgery for Meningioma in Brain Tumor

I had a six week follow-up with the radiologist and since the gamma surgery was on the left side, he didn't think it was related. I have my next MRI in June and then will see my neurosurgeon in July. I also see my PC in July. I just wondered if anyone else had these symptoms. It's weird.

Thu, Apr 25 12:10pm · Gamma Knife Radio Surgery for Meningioma in Brain Tumor

I have a meningioma that was hopefully taken care of by gamma surgery but I am getting some numbness and headaches but on the opposite side of the meningioma. Could this be related?

Tue, Mar 12 7:11am · Restless Leg in Brain & Nervous System

I take 3mg of melatonin at bedtime. My doc said I can go up to 6mg. I have had no side effects and once I get up in the morning, I am fine. It's working for me- no more restless legs.

Wed, Mar 6 11:53pm · Gamma Knife Radio Surgery for Meningioma in Brain Tumor

I had a meningioma lasered with gamma knife surgery on Jan 11, 2019 and am now having blurry, double vision when I wake up that lasts for about 15 minutes. Has anyone experienced this?

Tue, Mar 5 7:58am · Gamma knife for meningiomas in Brain Tumor

I had Gamma radiation on Jan 11 and had weird hazy/double vision this am. It was vertical and horizontal. I have had vertical double vision at night but this didn't resolve until I got up. Usually, it resolves after a few seconds. Have any of you had this? I already had my follow up with the radiologist but didn't have this at that time. Thanks