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Tue, May 26 7:59am · Immunotherapy - Keytruda for colorectal cancer in Colorectal Cancer

My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in April, surgery removed a baseball sized tumor. Scan shows several lesions in lung. Meeting with CA MD next week. Sounded like chemo was recommended. Do they automatically do genetic counseling or do we have to ask for that option? I have so many questions, not sure where to even start. I just assume the CA doctors are used to this and help us maneuver through this maze of options…… Thanks for listening as our journey continues.

Thu, May 14 8:47am · Let's Talk about Gardens in COVID-19

This is the book I purchased to get going on straw bale gardening. A wonderful resource!

Thu, May 14 8:35am · Let's Talk about Gardens in COVID-19

We would be using straw bales this year (such a wonderful experience – thanks to Joel Karstens) but it does take quite a bit of work at the beginning. Getting the bales, positioning/anchoring them, seasoning them for 10 days, getting the trellises set up, setting up the timed drip watering hoses, etc., but after that (:-))…you just mainly enjoy watching it grow. I suppose any garden takes a lot of work at the beginning? We always used fabric/plastic so we wouldn't have to weed before…that always took time.

My hubby was recently diagnosed with colon cancer and had surgery in April so he can't lift more than 10 lbs for a while longer. Our gardening plans have changed drastically. We start the appointments with the Chemo doctors in June. Our kids will be helping to build the raised bed garden. The therapy we both get from gardening will be well worth it, I'm sure. I'll be keeping my eyes on my naughty bunnies! Nothing like gardening to focus on God's beautiful earth amid all this Covid-19 and cancer stuff!

Loved hearing how you taught your nephews this method & winning a prize! My 9 year old grandson has been so fascinated by our straw bale gardens…this year he's going to help us with the build & plant the raised beds ♡ Can't wait!

Happy gardening everyone!

Wed, May 13 7:37am · Let's Talk about Gardens in COVID-19

In the past four years, we have had a straw bale garden. I highly recommend that process. Like a giant science project. This year my hubby is making me a raised bed garden. I'll attach a few photos. Our raised bed won't be as deluxe as the photo, but at my age, it'll be nice to have it at a higher level. I just found this site and really enjoy hearing the stories. The best thing about the straw bale garden & the raised beds….makes my bunnies very mad! I have very naughty bunnies over here.

Jun 13, 2018 · Recovering from Tragic Accident . . . No Walk in the Park in Blood Donor Program

Such a great story, Robyn and Mayo Clinic Blood Donors!!! I wouldn't be alive today either if it wasn't for blood donors. So grateful that I was able to watch our three children grow up and thrive AND now we have SIX beautiful grandchildren!!! Keep up the good work over there at the Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Center AND all blood donors all over the world!!!!