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Jan 5, 2018 · ANAL FISTULA PROCEDURES in Digestive Health

I had an perianal abscess in May 28- 2017 and had surgery to drain it. A fistula formed and in July 14 -2017 had a seton put on. Then in
October 20-2017, I had an advancement flap procedure done, but got very sick a week later. So, on November 2- 2017, the Dr. told me
that the procedure had failed and had to put a seton on again because I had another abscess starting. My doctor left town and referred me to another doctor, also a colon specialist, and he wants me to have surgery on February 9-2018 for an exam and to change the seton from silk to (I don’t know what), and that the original abscess had left me with a big hole or dent. Just wanted to hear from people that have gone thru this. I just don’t want to be going thru so many surgeries. According to my doctor, I do not have Crohn disease just had some real bad hemorrhoids that might have started the abscess, but these were removed on my July 14, 2017 surgery.
Would love to talk to people what it’s like. Thank you