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Tue, Jan 21 10:24am · Lump by screw from gamma knife surgery, anyone else? in Brain Tumor

I really don't have any headaches but I do use every evening CBD Oil and it does help to relax and I can sleep very well.

Sat, Jan 11 12:01pm · Watching a Meningioma Brain Tumor in Brain Tumor

Hi, I was in the same position. Left side Sphenoid Wing Meningioma, growing over my optical nerve as well. (6.4cm x 3.4cm 7.7cm). I started to have speech problems and in my left eye sometimes sharp pain. So I decided to do my second surgery (first surgery 2012) on 1/7/2020 here in Los Angeles. I was scared about my eye side and so other issue which could create a brain surgery, like you mentioned. When I woke up, after a 7 hour surgery, I couldn't believe I could see everything better, after 2 ½ days in the hospital they released, me due to the fact that I was "top-fit". I am so happy I did it. I am 67 years old myself but I did have problems and therefore had to consider the operation. I do know it is a difficult decision….good luck to you!!!

Dec 17, 2019 · Spot on Brain: Advice on Next Steps? in Brain Tumor

Hi, I am in the same position, have problems to speak out the words due to the size of tumor which is pushing against my speech centre . I will be operated on 1/7/2020. I wish I could postpone it but don't want to create a bigger problem. Also, otherwise no headache …just speech and my left eye shows some problems, but not always. I am also 67 years old…just hope for the best!!!

Oct 29, 2019 · Life after Brain surgery in Brain Tumor

I had my surgery 7 years ago and since then I am on Keppra. I had similar problems of feeling sad/depressed (1-4 years) but now I am so used to Keppra and don't have any more issues. By the way, I take 2,000 mg daily. Sometimes…not always…time helps …specially with brain issues, this is my opinion.

Jun 19, 2019 · Stop smoking panic attacks. in Lung Health

..what I did, I eat carrots. I prepared them the day before and put them in the refrigerator…so they were ready if I felt the urge for a cigarette I took a carrot instead. Needless to mention, I avoided all things I used to do when smoking…no alcohol, no coffee for one year! Never ever again a cigarette and I used to smoke for 10 years.

May 8, 2019 · Any Optic Nerve Meningioma Patients Who've Had Surgery? in Brain Tumor

Hi…I am in a similar situation. My Meningioma is growing around my left optical nerve and I am planning an operation this year. I am very scared to lose my vision as well and look for the best neurosurgeon. Please let me know more details … was this your first operation, where was your operation?

Sep 1, 2018 · multiple meningioma brain tumors in Brain Tumor

Hi, I am sorry to hear about your situation but don't get discouraged or terrified. I have also one M growing around my left optical nerve. The first signs were like yours, black eye and less vision in that eye. However, I had surgery in 2012 and now my vision is almost back to normal. I do not need glasses for driving only reading. By the way, nobody in my family (as far as I know) had such a brain tumor and I am otherwise a very healthy person. Again, it's difficult but please stay positive…it will help you overall and in making decision, etc. All the very best to you….

Jul 24, 2018 · multiple meningioma brain tumors in Brain Tumor

As far as I know, radiation does work if the tumor is not very big. My tumor is over 3cm and I got different opinions, none of the doctors recommended radiation due to the size “except one doctor”!!!