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Jun 2, 2018 · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

Hello. My name is Ann. I have chronic pain and have been taking oxycodone for about 6 years. I was diagnosed with EDS less than a year ago. I’ve had around 45 surgical procedures and continue with additional surgeries. I self diagnosed followed by confirmation by a rheumatologist. I was diagnosed with arthritis in my 20s. I worked as a generalist in the clinical laboratory for 17 years and as a RN for ten. Up until this past month my PCP prescribed my pain medication. Since November of 2017 until May of this year I had 3 surgeries, several teeth extracted, pneumonia, and 3 episodes of severe muscle spasms. Having worked in healthcare many years I am knowledgeable in the safe practice of using narcotic and non-narcotic medications. There were times I took more than my usual doses of oxycodone. I kept my PCP informed about when and why I took extra medication. I had a pain contract with my doctor. With a pain contract I cannot receive any prescriptions from another doctor. I went through hell with pain because of this. I have never abused my medication. On the last update to my PCP I was informed she would no longer prescribe oxycodone for me. She referred me to another doctor to get me on Suboxone. I explained I was not an addict and Suboxone would not help relieve the pain. She insisted otherwise. I saw the physician I was referred to. He agreed with me. I am not an addict and Suboxone, he stated, would not be beneficial to me. I went to my pain clinic and explained the situation. I am now taking OxyContin 3 times a day and I’m allowed two 10 mg oxycodone per day. I had to sign another contract. The experience was humiliating. I feel I am being treated like a criminal instead of a patient with legitimate reasons to be taking narcotics. In the past I have used CBD capsules to reduce pain. If I do so now I will no longer be able to get my prescribed medication. Chronic pain, loss of the ability to work, and physical limitations has also caused problems with depression. I know there are many individuals out there with these same issues. I feel each and every one of us needs to stand together for changes in our health care system to be made.I know this has been long to read. Thank you for taking the time to read this. It feels good to vent. There are many days I want to give up. When a life lacks quality it’s difficult to keep on trying to live.