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Aug 29, 2019 · Treatment for chronic epstein barr in Infectious Diseases

If you haven’t already, become a member of Facebook’s EBV group and read, read, read everyone’s posts. I learned a great deal and followed nutrition, treatment and activity advise. There was so much to learn. I’m doing better after two years of following suggestions. I didn’t have a single doctor who knew enough about this illness. I had to request my doctor write me scripts for what I heard worked for others.

Aug 6, 2019 · Post viral fatigue. in Infectious Diseases

Did you have all the EBV tests? Sound like all CREBV symptoms.

Jan 15, 2019 · Treatment for chronic epstein barr in Infectious Diseases

Yes! Soon after I was diagnosed I had a severe problem. I hadn’t changed my diet any, I have always eaten mostly a plant based diet and drank plenty of water so I was puzzled as to why this would happen. What I didn’t take into account was that my physical activity level had changed a great deal. I went from being a very active person to one who was on bed rest. The constipation was severe.

Sep 1, 2018 · EBV? or Adrenals? in Infectious Diseases

I'm glad you are finding help. Does Dr. Rawls practice, if so where? Not sure if he has a book you were finding or an online presence. I'm in Florida and am always looking for doctors who know what they are talking about with EBV.

Aug 20, 2018 · Is chronic reactivated EBV different from chronic active EBV? in Infectious Diseases

Frank, thanks for the reply. I have been tested for other viruses but EBV is the only one reported. I watch my diet closely and I take numerous supplements. I keep switching up the supplements and don't find any of them to help significantly but I keep trying. I have had nutrition panels done and then purchase what ever supplements the nutritionist tells me I lack. I've added zinc and a few others as well when I heard of their healing powers. I don't feel any different with any of these but maybe I would feel worse if I wasn't taking them.

Aug 19, 2018 · Is chronic reactivated EBV different from chronic active EBV? in Infectious Diseases

darkmatter53, I too live in Florida and am always trying to find medical doctors who understand and treat EBV. I am currently seeing a Natural Medicine doctor who is treating me for EBV. I under went ultra violet treatments which works for a while and then I fell right back to my old ill self. Now I'm being treated with amino acid peptide shots. So far I don't feel any difference. Reply and let me know where you live. I did find a practice in Tampa that I was willing to travel to for treatments. I live in The Villages between Ocala and Leesburg.

Aug 1, 2018 · Chronic EBV - Help in Infectious Diseases

Dear Bfoxx,
My heart goes out to you. I too have been battling CEBV for the past year. I am retired at the age of 64 and have slowed down considerable from my active life. I don't believe I would be able to work at this time at least not at the position I held for over thirty years. The stress and physical needs of my career would be over whelming.
Over the past year I have seen numerous doctors and inquired at numerous medical centers about treatments. There is no clear path to getting treatments. When I went to an Infectious disease specialist I was given the diagnosis of EBV but no recommended treatments. The only help and encouragement that I have received from the medical world is through Holistic practices. The holistic doctors I have seen concentrate on nutrition and alternative medicine. Unfortunately very little is covered by insurance. I have just started a series of Amino Acids shots to build up my immune system. This is not a cure but I hope it will prevent me from getting worse and help me fight the fatigue. I also meditate and work on my mind healing my body.
I wish you the best and don't give up with looking into every possible solution. By sharing our stories we learn from each other and give moral support.
Bless you and keep positive,

Jun 30, 2018 · Treatment for chronic epstein barr in Infectious Diseases

CEBV: I finished my two week perscription of Acylovir and Pazeo drops. My eyes cleared up for a while but then went back to their red/pink watery, itchy state. It seems that everything I tried works for a while but then stops working. I also was on a strong antibiotic that seemed to clear up my eyes for a few days but then stopped working.

Now my eye doctor has put me on a regiment Xiidra twice a day along with the Pazeo and another over the counter for red itchy eyes. I'll be on this for a long time as it is to help with my dry eye syndrome which is aggravated by the CEBV.

On another note I went back and reread Anthony Williams Thyroid Healing and am starting the strict food plan he suggests. I've always eaten healthy and avoid his list of foods to stay away from. Now I'm going to follow his juicing plan for the next 90 days and see if that makes an improvement. I would love to hear from others who have or continue to be on the juicing plan. Any improvements in how you feel?