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Thu, Jan 23 5:20am · Switching from a generic to a brand name in Depression & Anxiety

At the risk of adding to the confusion may I point out that I think there is a difference between the terms branded drug, Authorized generic, branded generic and generic? There is also a difference between the New Drug Application process (NDA) followed in say the USA, the EU, India, and Saudi Arabia. And, just to make it even more complicated in many countries, including the USA, generic drug approval follows an ANDA (abbreviated new drug application) process not a NDA process.

See for example:

This causes great confusion for we patients who are switched from branded to generic to branded generic often for purely commercial reasons rather than therapeutic reasons.

Tue, Jan 21 4:23am · Kratom for PN pain in feet? in Neuropathy

It is none of my business but I recomend that you read the following fda warning before you try ktatom.

Sat, Jan 11 1:03pm · Getting off of Seroquel in Depression & Anxiety

You are to be congratulated for making such positive lifestyle changes. Titrating off unnecessary meds, exercise and veganism are not easy choices! I managed the first two but never got beyond ovo-lacto-vegitarianism, cappuccinos being my drug of choice! As to "How long will this last…..?" the more you worry about it the longer it will probably last!

I found that mindfullness taught me to "accept" my problem with sleep deprivation and that mindfull meditation helped me to relax enough to sleep, for 5-6 hours a night, which is almost enough for me. I am not an MD but I would suggest that melatonin … (which is natural yes….but is that relevant? Poison ivy is also natural!) … can cause problems if used long term.

Best wishes!

Dec 31, 2019 · VITAMIN B12 and Neuropathy in Neuropathy

On the subject of very high doses of B12, the following article suggests possible benefits and possible side effects.

On the subject of getting neuropathy as a consequence of a virulent virus infection, luckily I haven't but there are many reports of such occurrences after severe cases of chicken pox, shingles, West Nile disease, Mono and also HIV.

Dec 30, 2019 · VITAMIN B12 and Neuropathy in Neuropathy

There is a lot of pain, and anxiety on this "thread." There is also evidence of people determinedly searching for answers. I do not claim to know the answer to the question of the relationship between B12 and Neuropathy but I honestly think that some people are putting too much reliance upon B12 as a clue as to why they experience their neuropathy like symptoms. B12 defficiency is rare, being on the low end of the normal range for B12 levels is NOT the same as a B12 defficiency. Some of the dose levels cited on this "thread" are horrendously high. Luckily B12 is water soluble so well over 90% of your B12 supplements are excreted in your urine and harms your wallet not your body. Statistically you are more likely to need to drink more water than to need mega doses of B12. Having said that IF you actually do need B12 supplements you should take it in a form that is free of impurities and readily bioavailable. There are some excellent articles on B12 on HEALTHLINE.COM among other sites but it might be that instead of focussing on B12 some of us would be better served by reducing our anxiety levels and increasing our overall wellbeing? This is more likely to be achieved by exercise, diet control, meditation and mindfulness than by any "magic bullet" be it a megadose of B12 or a so called "nerve tonic."

On a lighter note some 70 years ago in the East End of London, my Aunt who,suffered from "bad nerves" was told by her Doctor to drink brown ale (for nutritional purposes.) She did….and she lived to be 95 ….because of the ale or despite it!

Dec 27, 2019 · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

@iceblue – I have frequent pain in my SI joint. My daughter, a physical therapist. keeps encouraging me to follow an exercise regime. (I hate execise!) She also points out that I probably have PN stenosis scoliosis and sacral arthritis all at the same time, which makes diferential diagnosis and a treatment plan challenging! You might have a similar complex of conditions? And my chiropractor friend keeps reminding me that pain in say the foot is just as likely to reflect a back problem as it is a foot problem. In plain language we are statistically unlikely to get a comlete diagnosis or a complete treatment plan unless we are very lucky in our choice of Dr. or Specialist. I have tried injections, medical marijuana, chiropractic and accupuncture to no efect. Ibuprofen helps but The long term side effects are risky so I limit myself to 400 mg perhaps twice in a month. Mindfull meditation, weight control, cycling and a healthy diet have helped me to a) to reduce pain from say 8 to 4 on average…and b) to "accept" my condition with a consequent reduction in stress, anxiety, depression. ( previously depression and anxiety relating to my condition caused more problems than the physical conditions!)

Have a happy new year!

Dec 27, 2019 · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

Wonderfully informative article that strained my knowledge of medical terminology (gained while working in the pharmaceutical industry) to the breaking point! For me the comments on lumbar sacral radiculopathy as a co-morbidity were helpful. If I understand it correctly, nerve entrapment (and stenosis?) can cause symptoms that can overlap with or even be confused with the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. This makes differential diagnosis (including testing). VERY important.

Dec 23, 2019 · Importance of focusing on Positive with Depression & Anxiety. in Depression & Anxiety

I am glad to see that biking helps you. Personally my (almost) daily short ride (5 to 10 miles) has been I think literally a life saver. I cycle normaly by myself on a recumbent Terratrike. I greet almost everyone with a smile and a "Good Morning!" as a part of my "therapy" and at least 50% reply equally cheerfully. It is hard to be depressed when you are smiling and exchanging pleasanteries! I also mutter "positive affirmations" to myself several times a trip…..muttering "no pain,great muscles," etc must sound wierd coming from an almost 80 year old man with scoliosis, stenosis and neuropathy BUT it actually helps. It is all to do with neuroplasticity I think. It wasn't easy in the beginning of course but after a few weeks of tears and blues on the trike and studying mindfullness in the evenings my brain "clicked into gear" and the daily chore of cycling gradualy became something I looked forward to. I often take coffee in a flask and a book with me and have a break soaking up the sounds of nature and reading for 10 minutes or so. (This might be more difficult if you live in a busy Urban area but there are often parks, church yards and the like.). All the best for 2020!