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Jan 9, 2018 · Acupuncture in Neuropathy

Thank you,John,gabbapentin,no help now on Lyrica,upped to 3@ day,no relief,so cut out the middle school of the day,eventually cut out am,then pm.May try acupuncture,I have 3-5 autoimmune diseases fighting it out,still waiting for them to guit.

Jan 9, 2018 · Acupuncture in Neuropathy

Jim,I have peripheral neuropathy ,reynauds ,and scleroderma.Presently still on prednisone , B12,d and multiple vitamins,efflexor,I don’t think I’ve spelled it correctly to help me be more relaxed,hah,not really,it’s nonstop pins and needles,burning ,numbness ,I am used to that,it’s my hands,numbness ,still using,but very limited.Sooo,did all the protocols,the methotrexate during the 6 months,made me lose tremendous hair loss,with no health help,,same with celcept,oh so many I can’t remember so it’s progress was rapid.So,many mentioned acupuncture.So any advice?Thank you

Jan 9, 2018 · Acupuncture in Neuropathy

Has anyone ever been treated successfully with acupuncture?I’ve had no relief with any of the prescriptions in over two years,so my last treatment I think is left actually is acupuncture.

Dec 28, 2017 · Nerve biopsy in Neuropathy

I have the legs from knees down and arms and hands,I had the nerve biopsy done @the top of my thigh,but it really was a waste,I’ve had just about every test,nada.So it’s progressed rapidly in 2years.So peripheral neuropathy,scleroderma,reynauds and lupus.Nothing has help so far.I’m thinking of trying the antibiotics route.I basically walk as muchas possible,I have over used my hands,so they’re completely numb now,but I can still open and close my fingers..My husband has been the sweetest,he had to adjust,I was always busy,doing everything,dancing in the kitchen cooking,shopping etc.Now he is my caregiver,does all the laundry,cooking,dishes,etc.Thanking God,about 50 times @ day.I’m still functioning so,ewhat.Life is good,I live now in Florida,out by my pool,in the shade,every day,it’s my saving grace.I am really a very happy go lucky person,so I not down with all this,just living the best I can with what I’ve got.on that long note,I’ll wish for you a happy,healthier New Year!

Dec 24, 2017 · Is there any connection with statin use and neuropathy? in Neuropathy

Hi,Sandy For me,my statin ha no effect at all,like you I stopped taking it for 2 months,no change whatsoever,so I resume.August was 2 years,I’m not diabetic it’s much worse now,but I also have Raynaud’s and scleroderma added to my mix,nothing has helped me yet,I stay with the Lyrica.Always checking for alternative medicine tight now CBD oil no change yet.The rest of me is healthy,so we’re all different.Good luck and Merry Christmas.