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Dec 18, 2017 · Scabies in Skin Health

Thanks! Just dealing with the collateral damage of this amazingly ignored problem by the medical community. It was dealt with like a very minor situation. When it takes over your life from weeks to months to eradicate the mite. My husband is a firefighter and we think it may have been pick up from a patient. Three different Dr.s with different diagnoses and plans of treatment. Still not a solid answer on post-scabies questions. Been getting most of my answers from Dr.s in Australia who are much more in tune with the problem. There are thousands of people in the U.S. dealing with this issue having the same questions and getting conflicting information. The U.S. is losing ground in the medical community in many areas of study. I’m glad I am at the end of the tunnel. But there are many still suffering and need the medical community to study and eliminate the mite with new and more effective medications. Dermatologist need to be educated and communicate with people in other countries that are much more versed in this problem of parasites. The mites are here and not only in the 3rd World. It is a very small world and these parasites are coming along for the plane ride too.

Dec 17, 2017 · Scabies in Skin Health

Was diagnosed with scabies 5 months ago. Husband and I have no idea how we contracted them. Dr. said we are clear, but still getting bumps on scalp and body. Anyone familiar with post-scabies syndrome?