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1 day ago · Peripheral Neuropathy - Stretching and Exercise in Neuropathy

Thank you for writing so beautifully about two points I have difficulty expressing. The grief – and that is the right word – over the loss of our beloved physical activities and the search for replacements. I have difficulty even watching a movie or video set in the mountains (Lake Tahoe was my favorite hiking spot.) I have discovered photography is particularly effective at focusing on people,plants,animals OUTSIDE OF MYSELF AND MY ILLNESS. I will kept this posting with me as a guide.

5 days ago · Tramadol Helps with Exhaustion in Neuropathy

I have had it for 8 years. It is permanent and progressive. It is idiopathic…I had lived a healthy, active life, so my neurologist thinks it may be genetic. My grandmother and my aunt had the same, one diagnosed, one not. As time goes by, I find that besides the Tramadol, people that “get it” keep self-pity away. So thank you. What tools do you use – if any – to stay hopeful?

5 days ago · Tramadol Helps with Exhaustion in Neuropathy

Thank you for the info on Brewers yeast. I will try that. I have found in the 8 years or so I’ve been dealing with this that you never know what may help – so I try to stay open-minded. What doesn’t help is coffee…I can drink 3 cups and my legs put me right back to sleep! Thanks again.

5 days ago · Tramadol Helps with Exhaustion in Neuropathy

Thank you so much. I am surprised by the number of kind people going through this I found on this site. I think your point about Tramadol being an antidepressant is true for myself as well, and I had not considered that. On the other hand, I try not to emphasize this to my neurologist for fear she will think it is “all in my head.” The exhaustion is very real, ten years ago I was a swimmer and horseback rider…I feel lucky these days to make it to the grocery. The Tramadol is the difference between being able to “lift my legs” or not – and taking a ridiculous number of “naps” a day, is 4 or 5. Thank you for your info. I’m not too good at sharing: This is the first website I have been on.

6 days ago · Tramadol Helps with Exhaustion

Besides the constant pain, the exhaustion of trying to carry around 2 dead, numb legs (I call logs) exhausts me until I can do nothing. My neurologist prescribed a minimal dose of Tramadol for pain, but it is wonderfully effective at giving me some ENERGY so I can just do simple basic tasks. Anyone else either have this extreme fatigue or a Tramadol experience?