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May 27, 2018 · Over the counter anxiety medicine in Depression & Anxiety

Hello Lisa,

Thank you for your feedback. It's very true that reading the stories here is helping me. I feel less alone in my lifequest when I read the other struggles with panic attacks.
I must say that I lead a quit life now, away from the rat race in the big city. Once I was very keen on "scoring" in my job, get promotions and so. But when I finally got there it was no fun, not what I expected. The anxiety troubles just went along and changed perhaps their outer appearances but inside It was just the same..
I had more money to spend but that didn't did the trick. A panic attack in a Mercedes is the same as having one walking the streets..

When I had to deal with unfortunate aggression of one of my clients (I ended up in hospital) I had a rather big implosion. I could not walk the streets because of the fear for another anxiety attack and was hyperventilating a lot. Agoraphobia kicked in..

The real big change happened when I quit my job in the city and moved away to the countryside . I live in a small village now, everything is green and trees and a nice house..two cats in the yard like in the song.

That works for me. I do have anxiety attacks every once and a while, but much much less than I had in the city.
Only .. at this moment I am having a hard time getting accepted by my social contacts.. Some things I can and some I cannot.

I would like it very much to get it out of my system but I am not there yet. But the positive side is that I accept it from myself. It is a part of me now but I try to live my life as normal as is possible. When I have to do something challenging …( for me that is…) I tend to take half a pil in advance. Most of the time that's enough.

But when I am having a bad one I just take the pil, or two, and it all goes away in about 20 minutes..

May 22, 2018 · Over the counter anxiety medicine in Depression & Anxiety

I have tried a number of over the counter products but none of them did the trick, Only got me unwanted side effects. I get anxiety and panic attacks while on a long trip from home and a few situations, like at the dentist.

Thanks for mentioning this in other postings – I feel really a fool for having them, glad to see I'm not the only one…

My doctor described me diazepam/valium 5 mg whenever I have a panic attack and that's the only thing that really works for me. My doctor said that it is a rather straight forward product and more trusted by him than a lot of stuff you can buy in a drugstore…
I just use CBD oil and that helps me with sleeping.

That's my two cents and personal experience. I admire people who can breathe away panic attacks or achieving that with mindfull thinking etc. Maybe I must work on that but now I have my hands full to just hang on..