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Dec 4, 2017 · Professor in Autoimmune Diseases

Anybody out there expelling a yellow green to olive green mucus that almost stop your ability to breath. Discharges are at least twice a day or night Been dealing with this situation for 2-1/2 years. Tested for Congestive Heart failure: EKG was good. Next checked for Lung issues: CT scan result was ” your lungs are pristine. Sinus’ were very congested or impacted with inflammation: completed Fusion Fess procedure: did not resolve the situation or condition. Current diagnosis is adult onset Asthma at the age of 69. Next thing we are doing to do is an extensive allergy analysis in hopes that that could be an answer to my situation. Three E.R. visits due to severer breathing issues. The EMT’s during transport exhibited severe concern for my sevival. Can anyone out there shed any light on my experiences with this issue.