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Dec 2, 2017 · Hippocampus tumor in Brain Tumor

the flower is the plant. Your husband can definitely use the oil, but there is a hybrid plant that he could use or he could cal add well and he would not feel that”it of control” feeling that the THC product tend to make some folks feel. Best of luck, D

Dec 1, 2017 · Hippocampus tumor in Brain Tumor

Hi there, you have been given wonderful information on this site but I haven’t heard much on your son’s level of comfort. I suffered an extreme traumatic brain injury 7 years ago, I have and do experience symptoms similar to your son’s and I am a nurse. Please be advocate for your son and his level of comfort. What has worked well for me is medical marijuana. There is a very wide range of flowers that manage pain, and do not affect me mentally. This treatment option had also proven effective in managing seizure activity. Best of luck!