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Nov 27, 2017 · Scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

I am in the same spot as you, I had my first surgery in August. I am in severe pain, had arthroscopy to remove dense scar tissue the day before Halloween. Despite different pain management doctors prescribing nearly everything under the sun, I’ve had no improvement to the pain. I was getting 110-105 the first few weeks, but this past Friday only achieved 96 degrees, all while screaming in tears with pts physically pushing me.

Nov 26, 2017 · Scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

I have had an awful experience following my knee surgeries. I had done I suppose you can call a partial knee replacement, for osteochondritis dissicans. I had my first surgery in August, physical therapy was and has been rough, the pain meds I was prescribed might as well have been candies for all they did. I was first prescribed hydrocodone, oxycodone, and when I wasn’t getting much ROM (averaging 90 at PT and screaming the place down) I was referred to pain management by my ortho. after my second surgery to remove scar tissue. (October 30th) Pain management then prescribed me dilaudid, which surprise, did nothing for pain. His only answer was increasing the dosage, at one point I was taking my whole days dosage (3 2mg pills) just to go to physical therapy. This did nothing for the pain. I have finally seen a different pain management doc who has put me on muscle relaxers as well as a 24 hour alleve. These still have no effect on the pain. I am in tears every day from the pain, and here I am thinking I’m a tough girl. I am stuck in the same place I was following my first surgery, I’m thinking I went through all this extra pain for no reason. I’m losing more ROM everyday with the pain, which is not changing/ subsiding at all. Just hoping someone has some miracle answer for me, or perhaps a similar experience and any advice. I should mention I just turned 22 last month.