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Feb 25, 2018 · End of stem pain after total hip replacement in Joint Replacements

First time I've posted here, so hope I'm doing it correctly. Nonetheless, in 1993 at age 41, I required a left total hip replacement. After surgery, I woke being told that there was a problem and had drop foot, no feeling below the knee EXCEPT excruciating in my hip and down through my thigh. A Miles-Dahlmer cable had been used for the femur that was also cracked during insertion of the prosthesis. Though my surgery had been done by the Chief of Orthopedic services at the best hospital here, I was offered PT three times a week in a heated pool. The excruciating pain, which I now recognize as something similar to what some of you have experienced, morphine meds for pain did absolutely nothing and continued for many months until finally I was placed on an anti-depressant which calmed the nerve pain at least a little bit.
Three different neurologists did testing and pronounced me permanently paralyzed from the knee down. One year after the original surgery, I had to go back for removal of the cable that had come loose and severely damaged thigh muscle. While I continued PT for many years, feeling in my toes began to return about 20 months post-op. Drop foot resolved about 90% at about 2 years+, and I sought out a psychotherapist who taught me self-hypnosis for the persistent and disabling pain and also a massage therapist who specialized in fascia work and worked on me for over 7 years.
FINALLY, I was able to walk normally, but anything that required standing for a very long time or walking long distances, resulted in some degree of return of the pain and drop foot.
So for the last 18 years, I've done fairly well. Now, however, after 25 years, the prosthesis has worn out and I'm facing revision surgery. My concerns and understanding of complications make it somewhat terrifying. And having been through 4 other major surgeries in the past 3 years (for other things), and being widowed with no family or children, this is daunting. Oh, and near the bottom of the prosthesis in my lower thigh, I now have significant bony growth which I'm told is from a loose fit. It hurts with dramatic changes in the weather and I use lidocaine, heat, and sometimes a rolling pin for relief.
I can only share my experience and hopefully, give some of you hope that your pain might eventually resolve.

Nov 29, 2017 · Anyone Else With PTSD? in Mental Health

You are not alone — I was diagnosed with it many years ago and lately, it has been rearing it’s ugly self. I, too, suffer from fibromyalgia which has been crippling for the past couple of weeks with no relief other than sleep. The medications I’m on seem to be worthless and I continue ongoing psychotherapy. Although today is my Birthday, I have no plans because I couldn’t even manage to get to my DRS office this week. If I hear from anyone, it will be a miracle. It’s tough for others who can’t see what ails you, frustrating when they don’t know how to help, and probably depressing for them to be around me although I try to be upbeat and joyful around them.
When my sleep is invaded by the PTSD, I wake completely tense and struggle to get up and do something, so the memories abate. I’m hopeful that somewhere, someone will find something to erase this constant pain and give me my life back.