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Mon, Jan 8 12:07am · Radiation therapy for vulvar cancer in Cancer

He finally made it safely! Reports that heating issue is fixed. But we’re still getting a spare part, just in case. Took him a while but he finally got me calmed back down. Thank you for the encouraging words!

Sun, Jan 7 6:43pm · Radiation therapy for vulvar cancer in Cancer

Thanks hero! Rocky should be here in a couple hours so those hugs will help too. I think he got all the heating issues taken care of.

Sun, Jan 7 9:32am · Radiation therapy for vulvar cancer in Cancer

I will definitely be asking some questions on Monday! The rock will be back today so me and the dog, My 7up and a box of cheese nips are snuggled in until he gets here!
Thanks for that virtual hand!

Sun, Jan 7 9:29am · Radiation therapy for vulvar cancer in Cancer

Thank you for your kind reassurance. I am just so out of sorts and those strong arms will be back today to put my world right again. I’m just trying to hold on!
Just gonna cuddle my dog and wait on him to get here!

Sun, Jan 7 5:56am · Radiation therapy for vulvar cancer in Cancer

I’m struggling. I suppose I slipped back into wonder woman mode and then just plain got knocked back down. I’ve been trying desperately to stay strong and positive but the last couple of days have just done me in. I have brain fog like never before in my life, can’t stay organized and constantly misplace things. Monday will probably be a nightmare for my care team. I have the feeling a massive meltdown is just around the corner. Rocky had to go home for the weekend to deal with a malfunction in the heating system at home so my foundation is extra shaky. My poor service dog is getting a workout this weekend. Tears are always ready to bust loose and every side effect I’ve avoided, or ignored, is chasing me around. I haven’t felt like this for weeks and now feel like it’s falling apart.
Is this normal or am I truly loosing g my mind?

Mon, Jan 1 6:01pm · Uterine Cancer with brain metastasis in Cancer

As hard as it is, I’ve learned I can no longer be wonder woman. I have to admit to being tired, take naps, stop micromanaging everything and worst of all…. throw out my lists of things to be done. Following my own advice on resting and letting the other stuff go was my biggest challenge but my most successful coping strategy.
Be kind to you,

Mon, Jan 1 5:54pm · Uterine Cancer with brain metastasis in Cancer

Here come those darned waterworks! I can honestly say the virtual support, hand holding, reassurance and kindness gave my husband and I the strength we so desperately needed. Every single time! My respect for your strength, your dedication to the community, and your compassion have made me feel like I have a best fend out there that I can truly get what other friends without medical challenges can never understood. You , Colleen and I have a standing agreement for that coffee date whenever you end up back at Mayo.

Mon, Jan 1 10:19am · Uterine Cancer with brain metastasis in Cancer

Stay strong. One day, one treatment at a time. We are here for virtual hand holding 24/7.