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Nov 12, 2017 · New Hope in Pancreatic Cancer: Part 2 in Cancer

My dad also died from it in 3 months ,I don’t ever want to watch that happen to anyone else! I’m still devastated he was just 68.Lived healthy live & hard working . I don’t understand why he didn’t know until it was not treatable regardless if it would have helped.

Nov 1, 2017 · Loss of Job, Home, Family, Car and Finally Girlfriend (Need suggestions) in Mental Health

I also lost my job of 20 yrs.I was happy with my choices for the most part. My marriage wasn’t great but I loved our kids enough to try to get along but it was never never enough for my ex. She already financially had me buried. Then my dad who lived up the hill from me with my mom who relocated to live by us. He was a healthy hard working always working hard on projects to better their lives financially. He was not feeling good I believe that he must have been in pain longer than he told the Dr. He had cancer of the kidney and liver was told he would live 3 months it wasn’t treatable. I was not believing that! I watched him every day until 3 months later he passed away. I had two back surgeries from 2 disc that had burst shortly before this . I was served divorce papers same time as my dad was dying of cancer and she was having an affair. I lost my job ,my wife remarried and no longer lived with my kids .My boat truck and bank accounts were empty I left the house to her as she was now able to afford it. 5 yrs later while suffering all the depression and anxiety mom died in her sleep. It’s been 10 years since my dad died now I am living alone ,no family or friends.I still battle with depression and simply live day to day rarely leaving the apartment.I do get s.s.d.i
For my back and depression and anxiety. I am stuck but too low to change anything. I don’t trust my disisions anymore . I pray for strength every night. I’m only 50 and feel like I am done.