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Feb 16, 2019 · Heart transplant: recovering but steroids are affecting behavior in Transplants

This was a long process that will last my lifetime. Here is what I have done and continue to do, to the best of my ability. When I first received my heart in April of 2015, people around me could hear my heart (it was loud). Trust heart: I live to live, sure I have bad days, live in a high drama setting. I am also a step-parent to Pam’s seven children, grandparent to five. Work part time, college, nothing that I can think of would be a bridge I have not crossed. Physical: I need clearance to join the YMCA other than that I feel the limits. I lived with a VAD for two years I pushed myself each day. Recently I was talking to my Orthopedist, I asked him my I am always sore, he replied welcome to 58. In my four years, I am in position to attend the YMCA on a regular basis. This is the hardest thing for me, adding another aspect, create an exercise routine, I just keep trying to create space from the hospital. Not that I know of.

Dec 8, 2017 · Heart transplant: recovering but steroids are affecting behavior in Transplants

Unfortuantly we are all different, in the begining it can be very difficult. Hard to say. I know all medicines go down as you put to gather days out from surgery date. I do have to say that I wasn’t the funiest person to be around back then. I had my transplant on April of 2015. I’m alright. Also still married so at times its baby steps. Stay busy, trust in doctors, do something you enjoy. The doctors know. Wish you the best Gary

Oct 27, 2017 · Heart transplant in Heart & Blood Health

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