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Oct 25, 2017 · Managing Lifelong Mental Health as a Senior in Mental Health

Hi Jim, I am so glad knowing a little more about you. How wonderful… you were a pastor. Soon you are going to have a golden anniversary with your wife of 45 years. We have only 33 years together. Ten acres of land it is huge. It is time for harvest. What kind of plants and trees do you have there?
Music and Bible… Great combination. I also love to listen to church music. I don’t do that often because even a sound of a beautiful music can irritate me. I know it is awful to live in complete isolation and silence. I don’t know much about your condition and what you are going through. I am sorry for asking. Can you describe a little more about this condition? I don’t care about stigma of mental illness. It is no my fault. It just happened just after my fathers dead. 32 years have passed but for me it is like it happened yesterday. I still live in the past. I basically don’t do much. I read and watch some documentaries about health, history and geography. I have no TV. I live in a small apartment with my wife who also have health issues. We live in Canada in the province of Alberta. Soon we will have snow and cold. It will make our life even more difficult. Where you can go if outside is minus 30? We also practicing a meditation and trying to go to the Buddhist temple for meditation. We are not changing our religion, we just like the environment there. Nobody is asking questions. I also used to have dog but he passed. Was very old.
Take care yourself, Jim.
I hope to hear from you.

Oct 24, 2017 · Managing Lifelong Mental Health as a Senior in Mental Health

Hello Teresa,
Thank you very much for very useful links I will connect to. NAMI is American and here in Canada we don’t have it. There are so many different organization doing similar kind of work. I strongly recommend to watch a brand new documentary called Broken Brain by Dr. Hyman. There are eight episodes. Thank you Kaydas

Oct 24, 2017 · Managing Lifelong Mental Health as a Senior in Mental Health

Hello and my warmest thank you for compassion, empathy and helping me find so many Canadians. Of course, I understand I am not alone who is in battle with depression and anxiety. All of us have his or her own way of coping and dealing with these monstrous which brought us together. It is my first time I am talking about my mental issues. I think it is very important to know different stories, different ways of fighting with the illness, about medicine, therapies… I unfortunately didn’t get much from my caregivers- doctors. May be in different occasion if it is appropriate, I can tell my story. Thank you again Lisa Lucier. Wish you health Kaydas

Oct 23, 2017 · Managing Lifelong Mental Health as a Senior in Mental Health

Hello Teresa, Justin, Jim and many others,
Thank you so much for your warm welcome. I am Canadian. I am 66 years old man with a long history of struggle. I was 35 when my life crashed. Little by little along all these years I lost everything: my true identity, joy, interest and even my profession and job. What I learned during all there years that medication (antidepressants, antipsychotics…) do not work. They make more damage that good. ECT is a killer. It erased my memory, added more anxiety and gave more suffering. First, you have to have really a good doctor who cares. I had no lack with this. They just push a medication and nothing else. How about nutrition, many tests (like thyroids), change of lifestyle… Never ever they asked me about all these things. In town where I live I lost all my friends. They didn’t want to deal with a person who is caries negative thoughts. I am alone. I do have a family. My children grew up and have they own lives. I hope I will get more info about you all. Thank you for support and welcome.

Oct 22, 2017 · Managing Lifelong Mental Health as a Senior in Mental Health

Hi, I am Kaydas. it is my first message and I don’t know much about the forum. I hope to find so many golden hearts and find solidarity and empathy. I have a depression and anxiety for 32 years. The number of years of my suffering tells that nothing helped me to recover. I hope that little by little I will gain confidence and friends. God help us.