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Jun 17, 2019 · Collagenous Gastritis in Digestive Health

Hello, sorry for the late response. I was actually taking Protonix, but stopped about 3 years ago because of long-term side effects. I've found that diet has been the most helpful way of dealing with it. I stay away from high-fat/greasy, high-acidic, and gluten. I have had nearly no pain since changing my diet. I stay away from fast food and even restaurants all together, as I normally get flare-up's after eating there. I hope that helps!

Nov 12, 2017 · Collagenous Gastritis in Digestive Health

Hello @buckeyeliz! I used to take prescription antacids everyday, but have recently just taken them when I have pain. I’ve definitely changed my diet though. I don’t eat anything fried, or heavily fattened. I’ve found that, in general, foods that are hard to digest cause the most problems. I’ve actually never consciously cut foods out (as I’m a huge foody), but looking at my diet now compared to 7 years ago, a lot has changed subconsciously just to avoid pain. I’ve heard that a lot of people try a gluten-free diet though!

Oct 23, 2017 · Collagenous Gastritis in Digestive Health

Hello @JustinMcClanahan! Yes of course. I wish I knew more about it myself, but before I was diagnosed, I had severe stomach pain whenever I ate anything. Each day would get a little worse, until it reached the point that I couldn’t stand after I ate something. I had numerous tests done for any allergies, Celiac, or Crohn’s disease. Every test came back negative, so I went on with the pain. Until one day I came home from school with severe stomach pain (a combination of nausea and stabbing). I went to bed early and soon woke up when the sensation that I needed to throw up. I went to the bathroom, and that’s all that I remember. My parents ran and found my in a pool of my own blood. They said that I threw up over a liter of blood, when unconscious and had a seizure in their arms. After being rushed to the hospital and spending some time in a children’s hospital, many more tests were done. There happened to be a staff member (this was in Vermont) whom wrote a paper on Collagenous gastritis and tested me for it, and here I am! That’s kind of the shortened version, but ever since I’ve had a very sensitive stomach and autoimmune conditions popping up right and left. I’m currently a senior pre-med student, so the genetics involved really interests me. Do you know of any clinical trials/test being done on this disease?

Oct 21, 2017 · Collagenous Gastritis in Digestive Health

Hello! I also have Collagenous Gastritis and have had it since 2010. I was actually one of the first cases, so I’m so glad I found this discussion!! I’m actually dealing with a lot of autoimmune conditions that seem to be associated, including Hashimoto’s and hives all over my body. Has anyone else experienced this?