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Jun 29, 2018 · Don't Want To Be a Complainer in Chronic Pain

I understand so much and have been in a similar position and still am. Upper fractures of thoracic knee pain and a healing broken shoulder. Warm water therapy ie. aqua aerobics n a warm pool will help One needs to strengthen thenuscles surround the fractures to take the strain rather than the bone sturcture.
Warm water also makes one relax and at the classes one can meet new people who are proably worse off and all can complain together as we do.

If you do not have anything like this near you a holiday somewhere where you can find a heath spa or hotel where these classes would help. An osteopath has also helped me and deep breating exercises from the lower abdomen before I sleep and when I wake up has helped me relax to ease the p ain.
Good luck.

Jan 5, 2018 · Scoliosis - Introduce yourself and meet others in Spine Health

I only have mild scoliosis of the upper thoracic region with not a very large curve but it affects my hands and arms a bit now and again. I also suffer with a d fracture in the upper thoracic. I have found that using low-level laser therapy has helped. I live in the UK and some chiropractors use it here.It reduces the inflammation which for me is a really big issue and main causation of the pain.

Oct 27, 2017 · Treating Osteoporosis in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I have also found out that I have been over dosed on Levothyroxin. I have been having swweating and hair loss and I had a D stress fracture of my thoracic spine last year. I did not realise that too much levothyroxin can cause bone thinning so I tink that I need to see an endocrinologist. I had a mri done privately and it showed only thinning in the fracture area which I think was caused by a fall. I refused to go on medication too as I have seen firends and neighbours have terrible side effects. I am going to see if adjusting my thyroid medication will help. I am so grateful that I have read your posting.

Oct 13, 2017 · Treating Osteoporosis in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Hi. I have had the same and found that a mixture of slippery elm powder mixed with prune juice does the job for both complaints. i.e. it solidifies the diarrhea and helps lubricate the constipation and the same time the prune juice gets it going. It also protects the lining of the stomach and bowel. You have to paly around with how much of prune juice v slippery elm powder but I use a tablespoon of the latater.