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May 6, 2018 · Pulmonary Fibrosis* in Lung Health

I take my Symbicort inhalation as deeply as I can and hold my breath as long as I can (up to 60 seconds), one puff each night. I also have a dripping left sinus since a minor stroke. I use NeilMed Sinus Flo rinse every night before bed and I do "Airlife" inhalation exercises 10 times before bed as well as using a humidified c-pap machine every night. My lung MD offered to put me on oxygen, but I felt that would be a crutch and an impediment, so I declined and I am glad I did!. I still huff and puff after any strenuous exercise and can no longer run, but at almost 76 I don't feel the need to run.

Dec 23, 2017 · Living with Pulmonary Fibrosis (sometimes): Finding strength in Lung Health

Rather than switching to Oxygen, you should be using a C-Pap machine with a humidifier. Also, just before sleeping breath in as much as you can, hold it as long as you can and ley out thru pursed lips slowly 5 times. This will help you go to sleep and have a more restful sleep. You should also be using an inhalation device 10 times per day. I have done this and my lung fibers have disappeared. A miraculous case, I admit. But, if I did not do all that I doubt the results would be the same. BTW my lung MD advised me that I should expect a shortened lifespan and I am now 2 years past the final date. What do they know?

Dec 23, 2017 · IPF How To Cope with Sick Feelings in Lung Health

In my case, I have never smoked except for one puff at age15, It hurt! I was a 105 MM Field Artillery safety officer ffight out of college from 27 Sept 1964 for about 1 year, then Assistent Clun Offocer for aniother year and 2 months. Plus p9oi2 2-week mmer camps afgain as artillery safety officer.. We were using repackaged ammunition left over from WWII. I was with the
Second of the 32nd Field Artillery Battalion. I was stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. We fired all day long 5-6 days per week. Although I did not rotate to Viet Nam, I am sure the frequency of firing in Nam there was far less than at Sill;. Every day, at the end of the day, due to gun smoke bloeint towards us, my brass belt buckle was corroded, and had to be polished in preparation for the next day. We were given no heariing or breathing protection. We usually had a 3/4 ton pick up truck filled to the top of the bed with unused powder to burn at the end of the day on a range road. Now the VA hospital says my IPF and my high pitch hearing loss have nothing to do with my Military service. Too many years ago. My lung doctor just says IPF and does not have the brass to link it to my service. After mustering out, I was a restaurant assistant manager for about 1 year and since I have been an insurance agent for 47 years. I guess inhaling ball pen fluid for so many years caused my problems. Can you suggest anything for me to get assistance from the VA?

Oct 9, 2017 · Pulmonary Fibrosis* in Lung Health

Fortunately no nausea. I have not found a way to combat the fatigue. It is with me all the time. I forgot to mention in my last post. You must avoid breathing anything but clean air. No breathing near smokers (hold your breath as you walk by them.), or in rooms where smokers have smoked, no perfumes, pre-shave or aftershave. Only paint with Zero Voc paints and any other type of painting, staining, etc done outside and downstream in the air flow, or if indoors, with an open window on either side of the work area and a fan to exhaust the hazardous air. Also,stand on the windward side of the gas pump when filling your car, etc.

Oct 7, 2017 · Pulmonary Fibrosis* in Lung Health

Velodyne 5000 Volumetric Exerciser to increase lung capacity

Oct 7, 2017 · Pulmonary Fibrosis* in Lung Health

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Oct 7, 2017 · Pulmonary Fibrosis* in Lung Health

This is @1jonwilcox, I had PF diagnosed in 2009. I am now passed the common life expectancy for PF. I am also a type 2 diabetic with mild high blood pressure and neuropathy on my right side. In 2007 I had a very mild stroke, affecting my optic nerve and the left side of my face. At the same time, I had a double bypass. The stroke got me to the hospital and saved me from a heart attack. They discovered the need for the bypass when I went in for the stroke symptoms.

I suggest you do deep breathing exercises. Breath in slowly until it is impossible to inhale anymore even if it is mildly painful. Hold it as long as you can. Then breath out slowly thru pursed lips until you cannot push out anymore. Do this 5 times a day, the last as your head hits the pillow. It helps me clear my brain and go to sleep, You can use a machine in addition and my doctor says to do that 10 times a day. When I do it, I do 10 times in succession. This has helped me immensely. My last CT Scan showed the fibers in my lungs are gone, but I still have COPD. My lung doctor says he has NEVER seen fibers disappear in any other patient. I have nasal congestion, mostly in my left sinus, which drips into my lung. Every night I use NeilMed Nasal Rinse squeeze bottle to clear my sinuses before bed. I also use a Fluticasone Propionate nasal spray and then Symbicort 160/4.5 inhaler with an AeroChamber plus Flow-Vu devise.
Good luck. Worry only about that which you CAN control. Jon Wilcox