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Oct 8, 2017 · Balance and light headedness. in otherwise health male in Brain & Nervous System

Thanks. He has had a brain MRI which was negative. An ultra sound was done and per the vascular neurologist when my husband’s had was erect and straight (the position it would be in when walking and driving) there was a “kinking” in the vestibular artery and for that reason a angiogram and then CT angiogram were done that did not find an abnormality.

Oct 5, 2017 · twitching eyes when closed in Brain & Nervous System

I agree that this sounds like blepharospasm. This can be due to stress and eye fatigue. (over using a computer for example). Warm compresses to eyelids and gentle massage of eyelids and relaxation can help this to finally go away.

Oct 5, 2017 · Not sure what I have - keep getting different diagnosis and opinions in Brain & Nervous System

Not sure but be sure to have your thyroid checked especially since symptoms started after child birth.

Oct 5, 2017 · Balance and light headedness. in otherwise health male in Brain & Nervous System

My husband is a very healthy 73 year old who works out. Over the last year and a half he has developed progressive light headedness and has fallen several times. He has been evaluated by ENT- all negative. He has seen vascular neurology at Emory and his Brain MRI, MRA, angiogram, CT angiogram and all blood work is normal. He had an episode where he could not move his hands, could not walk and fell which lasted about 20 seconds. He has episodes of confusion lasting several seconds. His neurologist did not think this was a TIA but felt it was due to reduced blood flow in vertebral arteries- however all scans do not prove this to be a problem. His gait has changed and he now walks with a wide gait He had cervical surgery about 1 year ago with rod placement but this did not help. Wonder if anyone can help and wonder if an appointment at the Mayo clinic would be helpful. We are desperate as this has really affected his quality of life. I know that light headedness is not an uncommon problem in the aging population but I feel we are missing something here. Thank you.