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Jun 13, 2018 · Health Habits: Medication Reminders in Healthy Living

My Doctor recently changed the frequency of my medication from once every 7 days to once every 5 days. I am having a really hard time keeping track when I need to take it. It is an intermuscular injection so it’s not something I can carry around with me so I have to be home in order to take it. I could always remember to take it when it was once every 7 days because it always fell on the same day. So if it was Tuesday I would remember to take it. But now it's every 5 days and I am really struggling to remember to take it. I have tried using my calendar and my alarm clock but it only repeats by week/7 days not 5. Does anyone have any medication apps or tricks they use in order to stay on track with medication that is not on a standard day or week cycle? Thanks!