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May 24, 2018 · Diagnosed with sarcoma? Let's share in Cancer

I am very upset that she lost her battle to cancer on January 6th 2018 she passed away. So I ask myself what went wrong? Why did my loving wife passed just a year later just 4 days before her birthday. I feel that more could have been done and wasn't. I believe they should have not done the surgery on her leg but did chemo and radiation first to shrink the tumor. However I am not sure what to think anymore. We later found out that they missed the diagnosis in 2008. If they would have taken care of it then maybe she would be alive today who knows. I am telling you all beware of having surgery first. I truly believe once they did the surgery it spread to her lungs. Also the tumor just grew back where they did the surgery. My advice is get plenty of second opinions I think your best option is do the chemo / radiation before the surgery so it doesn't have a chance to spread. It was a very sad situation for my wife that passed. The suffering she had to go through and the stupid politics we also had to go through. I think personally the swept her under the carpet because She was on disability and I am a disabled veteran. We don't have 500k for pay someone so guess what your dead. It really sad this country went from patient care to patient service. You only survive now on how much money you have not because it the moral right thing to do is try to save her life. God bless all of you and I only wish you the best. One thing it did do is bring me closer to GOD!

Oct 17, 2017 · Diagnosed with sarcoma? Let's share in Cancer

She is doing better as far as the pain goes. They have been doing isolated radiation on the mass. However seems to be draining her. I was trying to get her into North Western in Chicago or Mayo don’t want to loose her over not getting proper treatment. You really don’t know how precious life is until someone you love could be taken away. I have a donation site up not having much luck, Have any ideas?


Oct 17, 2017 · Diagnosed with sarcoma? Let's share in Cancer

From what I understand the first surgery mass was in the femur bone, 15 CM was removed along with the hip Ball. Now there is another mass that is on the same side and on the pelvic bone? The mass has started to grow around the steel replacement previously put in. So I am confused here she was in 10 hours of surgery, it seems like to me the missed a mass it had to be there prior to the first surgery. What I am saying is the mass is already growing around the steel replacement this is in less than 6 months so it had to be missed. Now they don’t want to do surgery again to remove it? Makes no sense to me, there reason is to shrink the mass. or get her pain under control. Well the mass is causing the pain so eliminate the mass eliminate the pain. Finally someone is on the same page as me. Shrink or remove the mass then the pain will decrease. So they are doing isolated radiation to shrink the mass. Problem is she is so fatigue from the radiation. I certainly don’t want to loose her from treatments either.

Sep 16, 2017 · Diagnosed with sarcoma? Let's share in Cancer

My wife has Osteosarcoma and is only 32. It really hurts to see her in so much pain. Dr. Rushing at IU Indianapolis is an expert in this type of rare cancer. This Dr. is amazing how he explains the type what it does and what to expect. According to statistics and research IU is the #1 hospital for Cancer in Indiana. IU is also connected to several hospitals Riley, St. Jude, and others. Never seen a hospital so huge. All I know from my experience in UI they are great people who care for my wife. They have compassion and empathy towards there patients. All you can do is be there for them and stay strong. I try as much as possible but at times I break down and cry to see my wife suffer this why. It even hurts more for her to ask WHY ME? The pain is so excruciating for her she asked them to just cut her leg off. I am optimistic the pain pump will work and they can continue with chemo to beat this.

Sep 16, 2017 · Diagnosed with sarcoma? Let's share in Cancer

Heather is a loving caring person, and has one biological child Nicole age 12, and three other step children, Joe, Dillon and Brittany. Over the years she complained about her right leg bothering her. Many times she lay in bed crying because the pain was so unbearable. After 7 visits to the ER for the same leg pain. On January 2nd just a few days from her birthday she was diagnosed with cancer. She was transferred to IU cancer center the following days from Porter Manorial. There we would learn the type of cancer she had. A biopsy was done but no result could be given because of the rarity of the type of cancer. We later learned she had Osteosarcoma a rare bone cancer. To make things even worse she had to undergo 10 hours of surgery on February 14th 2017. No much of a Valentines present huh? They had to remove 15 centimeters of her femur bone and also replaced the hip ball.

Recommended treatment is chemo therapy to shrink the tumors. About two months into therapy we learned that they had found 3 more masses in the right lung, Then again another mass in her pelvic area. I feel so helpless for her because of the pain she has to endure on a daily basis, all she does is lay and cry in excruciating pain from the bone cancer. I even asked the doctors why is she in so much pain? They all say “The Bone Cancer”. Therefore it constant trips to the ER to try and get her Acute pain under control. Pain specialist are now trying to get her comfortable until the pain “pump” can be put in on the 21st. of September.

Sep 15, 2017 · Diagnosed with sarcoma? Let's share in Cancer

My wife has been diagnosed with osteosarcoma bone cancer on her birthday of this year then had major surgery done on her right leg on February 14th. The pain my wife is going through is un describable. All she does is cry in excruciating pay. We were told after the surgery the pain should go away. Now it has gotten worse than before surgery. They also found 3 small masses in her right lung and now where they have already done the surgery a place was missed next to her pelvic. This is where all the excruciating pain is coming from. I feel so helpless since really nothing I can do to help her accept be their for her. People make me angry making comments like is she really in that much pain? I placed a site up for her go fund me to try and get help for us. I am a service connect disabled veteran, and she is on SSD. So its really tuff since we have to travel to Indianapolis Indiana 2-3 times a month from Michigan City Indiana. 3-4 hour drive. Anyone know where I can get help with information, grants charities? I am hold up as well as expected but at times I do break down and start to cry. However I never try to do this in from of her of course. Why don’t they just removed the tumor by her right leg which is causing the pain?