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Sep 13, 2017 · Walking without a hip joint in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I am currently without my right hip because of infections in my hip replacements. I had both hips replaced my left in 2012 and my right in 2015 I unfortunately got infections after both hip replacements and have been in server pain since .My new consultant told me I needed a revision of both hips,so in early June I had the first stage revision of my hip done,one week later they felt it safe to put my hip back in when they did I got another infection in my hip. I had two washouts in a week followed by a 3 week course of iv antibiotics,two days after stopping the antibiotics my hip flared up again so my consultant took me back to surgery an removed all of the hip implants ,then started another 6 weeks of iv antibiotics.I have now been home for the past 10 days without a hip joint the day time is pritty much pain free but in bed at night is quite painfull,I have an appointment in mid October to see if my infection has cleared up and if it has they will make an other appointment for me to have my new hip joint put back in this will be the 3rd replacement on my right hopes are that it will not get infected again and my recoveary will go well,when it is strong enough my left hip has to be revised.I am 44 years of age with 3 small kids and my hips problems have taken over my life in the past few years I have not worked in 5 years or even driven a car in the past 7 years,my original problem was I had AVN of both hips but my constant recurring infections have realy complated things.Any advice or peoplewith similar hip problems their advice would be appropriated.