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Sep 13, 2017 · Tell us what you think in Mayo Clinic Champions

I’m very frustrated with the process of getting an appointment at Mayo in MN. You have my insurance approval and Dr. refferal all in your system. However, your unable to make an appointment because you are booked. I’m told there is no waiting list to be put on. I’m told to call everyday to see if there is a cancellation. Here’s the problem;
1. My referral only last 3 months. I’m now approaching my SECOND round of 3 month refferral time.
2. I’m TERMINAL. End stage (stage 4) decompensated cirrhosis. I have a young child to care and live for. It would be considerate to be seen before it’s too late.
3. I live 4 hours away. If a opening comes up….I’m not going to be able to be there in a minutes notice.

What I don’t understand is why you cant just schedule me 3 months or so from now like typical facilities do? I’m told your computer system has you booked and the computer is unable to add me in. For instance; I called yesterday and your booked until December 13th. OK. Then why cant you call the next morning when the computer will ALLOW you to enter a name for an appointment date.

Is this merely because I’m on medicaid and I’m not a priority to you based on type of insurance?

This makes no sense!