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Feb 2, 2018 · Tinnitis in Chronic Pain

The PA I saw is wonderful! We talked about many things, and she has ordered several tests no other doc has ordered. Of the three results I have back, two are abnormal. (No surprise there.) I’ll be returning in a month to go over all the results and start discussing treatment options (e.g., diet first and foremost). My tinnitus wasn’t a focused topic of conversation, or I’d be happy to post anything I learned from our discussion. I hope everyone here is having a great Friday!

Jan 24, 2018 · Tinnitis in Chronic Pain

Mine started roughly a month ago. I’m going to a functional-medicine specialist on Monday, and this will definitely be on my list of symptoms. I have very sensitive hearing (always have), and talk about annoying!!!

Jan 9, 2018 · CBD oil for pain in Chronic Pain

It’s just a matter of finding what works for you, not necessarily getting to the lowest dose possible.

Jan 3, 2018 · CBD oil for pain in Chronic Pain

May I ask how much and what brand you’re taking?

Jan 2, 2018 · CBD oil for pain in Chronic Pain

That’s fine. CBD oil has been a Godsend for so, so many people, including me. I thought much like you until a few short months ago.

Jan 1, 2018 · CBD oil for pain in Chronic Pain

Oh my goodness. You’ve been and are going through SO much.

Meanwhile, just a little tidbit that may be helpful for you: With CBD oil, we each have a “sweet spot” dosage-wise depending on what our individual endocannabinoid systems required. For some people, that may be just one drop once or twice a day (yep, literally); for others, it may take a dropperful (roughly 1 ml) multiple times a day.

What I tell people who take large amounts to begin with or keep titrating up until they ARE taking massive doses is that they may be skating right past their sweet spots. If the dosage best for you, for example, is three drops twice a day, taking a “large dose” will provide absolutely no relief. Nor will one or two drops twice each day.

This is one of the most frustrating things about getting started with taking CBD oil: No one can advise anyone else what will work for them. It doesn’t depend on symptoms, age, length of illness, weight…nothing that can be measured easily. It depends on what each individual’s system needs.

Some may enjoy relief within fifteen minutes of taking their very first dose; others may notice absolutely nothing for a few months until … wow … they realize they don’t hurt nearly as much as they used to. Or they aren’t as anxious. Or they’re sleeping better. Or their lab work is within normal limits for the first time in years (or ever). Or they haven’t had a seizure in six months. The list goes on.

I don’t sell it. Well, I “sell” it in that I’m like that pushy salesperson who stands between the potential customers and the door until she’s SURE they’ve heard everything about the product that will make them soooooo happy (healthy in this case), but I don’t make a dime from my “sales” efforts. I’ve been through what so many people with chronic pain are going through, and oh how I wish someone had presented me with the facts–with the information I now know–years ago! My life improved more than I ever thought possible before giving CBD oil a shot. And I was the biggest skeptic there was in the entire history of natural medicinal healing properties.

CBD oil can be expensive, but once you find your sweet spot, it really comes down in price once you can make your own. (And it is NOT difficult, nor does it take all kinds of specialized equipment, etc.)

Just my two cents worth. Please consider giving it another shot. The website is an essential resource, as is their Facebook page (though you have to learn everything you can on your own and not just take members’ advice at face value, but that’s true with anything, isn’t it?).

I wish you the best, and pray you will be pleasantly surprised by relief very, very soon.

Jan 1, 2018 · CBD oil for pain in Chronic Pain

Correct. The CBD oil one can buy online must contain less than .03% THC. Interestingly enough, what works for me is CBD isolate (that’s right–absolutely NO THC). I even make my own tincture, which I take sublingually. I also vape when there is breakthrough pain, and am using 4 Corners Cannabis (full-spectrum)–at least until the bottle I have runs out. I have all the ingredients necessary to make my own vape oil after that.