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Sat, Jun 15 10:51pm · Bowel incontinence in Digestive Health

Every home had a chamber pot in each bedroom so no one went outside at night. However, someone had to empty them in the morning.

Our Grandmother said that she wanted to live, once they retired, as they stared out married life on the farm. It gave the grandchildren, and those who visited, the chance to know how an outhouse worked, how to use the pump at the sink and cook on a wood burning stove. They did not have an icebox, no one had big blocks of ice anymore, so they did have electricity and a refrigerator, no phone for the first few years. (The disposable pads were called "rags", and they were rags, which were rinsed out, washed, and dried to use again.)


Sat, Jun 15 8:51pm · Bowel incontinence in Digestive Health

I have had that same dream, usually I woke up soon enough to make it to the bathroom. Good luck.

Mon, May 27 4:08pm · Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy? in Neuropathy

My Neuropathy came on after 2 strokes and does not hit any one part of my body. I am now taking 2-300mg Gabapentin twice a day. I have taken 5 a day but went back to the 4 because of the dizziness side effect. With the exception of once, my pain usually hits me when I'm alone. Which means no one knows, but me, about the pain.

Yes, I have no idea when I will have pain, where, or for how long. The pain that concerns me the most is the chest pain. I have had a blood clot in my right leg (I'm on meds for it) for years. I figure that if I can take a deep breath and it does not hurt I am okay, that is as long as the pain does not last more than a few minutes. I have discussed with my doctor and he feels I am doing the right thing. IF I can relax while I am having any pain I have found it goes away faster. Sure, just try to relax when you are in pain.

When I have pain and cramping in my foot or leg I am glad I'm still using a walker to grab onto or I could have fallen. I'm using the walker less so I don't know what will happen when I don't have it near.

Is there anyone out there who has Neuropathy pain from a stroke or two? I would like to talk with you to compare notes.

Wed, Mar 20 1:44pm · What does the word Cancer mean? Is it just a simple word? in Lung Cancer

The doctors never used the "C" word around me in 1975 they just said that I had Stage 4 Nodular Lymphoma, a cousin of Hodgkins. I knew what Hodgkins was, Cancer, and cancer was a death sentence at that time. I was more afraid of the word cancer than I was of dying. Once I was able to get over the fear of the word I was okay. As you have figured out I'm still alive and kicking. Chemo has changed so much in the last 50 years, for me I had to take pills for over 4 years plus 6 weeks of radiation. Radiation has side effects, thirty plus years later I am having to live with those side effect, I do not have any side effects from the chemo. I still have to have an annual check-up because a blood related cancer is never "gone/killed/dead" just dormant. I have blood work every 6 weeks so the doctors are keeping an eye on me.

Each year the treatment for cancer keeps getting better, because of what we go through. Just keep that in mind each time you have another chemo session, another surgery, or radiation session. Someone will not have to go through what you are because the doctors are learning new things because of us.

Good luck,

Tue, Mar 12 8:46pm · Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy? in Neuropathy

After I had 2 strokes in 14 then along came neuropathy. Neuropathy seems to attach itself to anything that will allow it. The last time I increased Gabapentin, for the pain, I had dizziness so I went back to what I was taking, I feel the pain was better. The pain I have is all over, the right foot, then the left calf, then nothing for a while. I wake up in the morning burning all the way to my waist, the skin is not hot but I'm still burning. Neuropathy is "so much fun".


Sun, Mar 3 10:59pm · Salty Facts – Heart Failure and Sodium in Heart & Blood Health

I have been reading labels for years, the first thing I check is the number of servings and the amount of sodium per can, bag, or container, Frozen vegetables do not have added sodium unless they are in a sauce. Celery is naturally high in sodium. I have found that with some items even if the sodium per serving is under 50mg that all I taste is salt, so reading labels does not always help. I have found some breads with no added salt in them. Happy eating with less sodium.


Fri, Feb 1 4:13pm · Ostomy: Adapting to life after colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy in Digestive Health

Four years ago I was discharged from the hospital without a third of my GI track. The sigmoid was gone and most of my ileum had been removed because my pelvis had received radiation in the 80's. Dead and scar tissue had been removed from the GI track that had been radiated.

I now live with a forever ostomy. Without the ileum my diet means limited nuts, seeds and no skins. Fruits have to be peeled, so I eat canned or dried. Tomatoes need to be peeled and seeded. Beans are iffy, corn has to be white young corn. No corn on the cob or yellow corn, my body cannot process it. Animal flesh is hard to process, I can do eggs and yogurt. Yogurt is my go to food, without the added fruits. If I want fruit I will add it myself, without the sugar. With an ileostomy foods are not fully processed so I take pills or shots to make sure I get the vitamins and minerals I need.

If your husband wants to loose weight the best way is not a diet but a forever lifestyle. It will be heavy in fruits and vegetables, low in fat, sugar, and sodium. Pasta and animal protein are limited to a small portion of your intake. Beef should be limited to once a week or every other week, fish, chicken or turkey can fill in the rest of the week.

When my urine is strong that means I am not getting enough water. Water should always be our beverage of choice, minimum 8-8oz glasses each day. Everything else has something added to it that is not good for the body.

If you can accept that you have a new lifestyle and it will be forever, your body will be happy. If your body is happy you will be happy. Good luck.


Sat, Jan 12 8:49pm · Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy? in Neuropathy

From what I have read from the postings we are all suffering from some form of Peripheral Neuropathy and are looking for a treatment of some kind that will take away the pain so we can feel "human" again. It may take a group of doctors or young medical students who have Peripheral Neuropathy and willing to do the research required to understand what causes the pain and how to deal with it. We will continue doing what we have been doing, and hurting, until something is done to help us. Good luck to all.

The squeaky wheel gets the oil, or grease.