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Sep 14, 2017 · Collagenous Gastritis in Digestive Health

Hi There!
Hope you are doing well? I am desperately interested in the study results of the gut bacteria levels also. Would you mind sending them to me? Thanks so very much. Doing everything I can to research & share…has lead me down the path of immunology. What an interesting road that has been!

Sep 7, 2017 · Collagenous Gastritis in Digestive Health

Fecal transplants seem to be hugely successful in Aus also in c diff patients as well as ulcerative colitis. Have not heard if they help with upper GI issues like ours though. I have my natropath on the case & he has sited info that suggests that some success in treatment has been seen in gluten free diets, specific probiotics & herbs like Boswellia. Has anyone tried any of these or other natural alternatives? The more I read about steroidal & PPIs…the more worried I become. I absolutely agree that they have a place, but trying I’m to avoid these as my daughter is only 13. i’d also love to hear from anyone else who has been diagnosed with an enlarged liver or bulky spleen? It may be in response to CG but completely unrelated. Hope everyone is having a ‘good’ day.

Sep 4, 2017 · Collagenous Gastritis in Digestive Health

Hi there. Nice to meet you yet so sorry for the circumstances. I’m so sorry to hear how you are struggling with this. My 13yo daughter was just diagnosed with CG. She lives with constant stomach pain, lethargy, yet her iron levels are normal. We’ve not tried any meds or dietary changes yet. She also has a slightly enlarged liver & bulky spleen. I’m wondering if any of you have had either of these diagnosed? Curious to know if there is a relatoinship between the two.

I am SO interested in the study results of the similar gut bacteria that you mention. I would love if you could send me the links to the forum & the medical study. As there are so few of us, I feel that I want to collate as much individual case info as possible. A survey of sorts, that may be presented to all Gastroenterology/Medical/Naturopathy associatons for consideration to prompt further study. I notice CG is not isolated to a particular part of the world (we are in Australia) how good would it be to get all countries involved in trying to find a cause/cure?

Any ideas on how to start our own personal patient study/survey would be great! Let’s beat this thing together.